Funny Stuff #1

[Silverback Dave (Tucson SBs) and I went to the same college at the same time, but never met until our paths crossed in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico more than 50 years after graduation. Although he comes across in real life as a reasonable and serious person, in the world of electrons he is a... Continue Reading →

I Could Hardly Keep from Laughing

Stephen Morris, published originally in The Herald: Serving the Communities of the White River Valley Since 1874, February 24, 2022 New Book of Humor Features Artwork of Brookfield's Hooper The story goes ... Mark Twain appeared in Brattleboro for an evening of storytelling and mirth-making. He spoke for over two hours without provoking so much... Continue Reading →

Beyonder Week … Monday

[For several years I wrote a bi-weekly humor column for the Vermont Sunday Magazine, at that time the largest circulation daily in the state. Eventually these were collected into a book called Tales and more Tails of Beyonder, that being the name for this region of Vermont that is "not close to anything, but not... Continue Reading →

Getting Silly in The Jungle

[Watched the Evening News Lately? Maybe you'll agree that it's better to escape to The Jungle and have a few chuckles with your fellow apes. SB SM] SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) forwarded this one: One of my Yale classmates recommended the movie Idiocracy as a vision of the future. I have to admit that he... Continue Reading →

In the Past Year …

Best of the 'Gest A poem about getting better. [A poem by SB SM, now a year older and, thus, a year better.] In the past year I got out of the car while it was still in gear. I went swimming with my wallet in my pocket, Took a shower with hearing aids in... Continue Reading →

What’s the craic, lads?

2021-02-23T16:00:00  days  hours  minutes  secondsuntil"Scratch the Travel Itch" Week. Tell us how you are doing it these days.. I listen to The Blindboy podcast. "What's the craic, lads?" Craic, pronounced "crack," is Irish slang for cool. The Blindboy produces the #1 podcast in Ireland. He's a former HipHop artist (one half of the duo Rubberbandits),... Continue Reading →

The Ta Ta Weenie Club

Review by SB Alec of the Central Vermont Silverbacks The Ta Ta Weenie Club is a sockdolager in the storytelling tradition, a collection of rollicking tales that made me whoop and laugh. [Editor's note: For others who had to look it up, a "sockdolager"is a powerful thing, or person] To borrow a phrase from author... Continue Reading →

A Manifesto

I'm usually not political, but ... ... this struck me as good satire. DEAR RED STATES... WE'VE DECIDED WE'RE LEAVING. Dear Red States...   We've decided we're leaving. We intend to form our own country, and we're taking the other Blue States with us. In case you aren't aware, that includes Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast.   We... Continue Reading →

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