Nature Boy

[I confess to picking this up from Facebook, and cool Silverbacks do not do Facebook. My Dad was a huge Nat King Cole fan, so I heard this song a lot when I was just a little chimp. Even then, it struck me as a very different kind of tune, offbeat in any number of... Continue Reading →

The Edge of the Brink

[This is another excerpt from from my long-awaited, highly-anticipated entitled Extra-Ordinary: A Step-by-Step Memwah. Here's an update from the author: "You're going to have to keep awaiting and highly-anticipating for a long time, because this sucker ain't never gonna see the light of day, except here on the ephemeral pages of Silverback Digest. SB SM]... Continue Reading →

Oh well, whatever … nevermind

[I still don't understand how I got hooked up with Quora Digest, but they send me links everyday that are usually relevant and occasionally worthwhile. Similarly, I don't know who Winston Smith is, or why he is answering the question of whether rock is dead. But, it gives me the excuse to revisit some of... Continue Reading →

The Rat Race … Happy Labor Day

[Here's an appropriate post for Labor Day. It's a short film (4:15) about the Rat Race called Happiness. It's loaded with jokes and funny observations. Watch it twice. I did. It clearly demonstrates why we need a "Human Jungle" where Silverbacks and Silverbelles can live in peace and harmony. Have a great holiday. SB SM]... Continue Reading →

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