Ancient Rockers, Episode 4 … Gene Parsons

Contributed by Silverback Michael (Caspar Silverbacks) Gene Parsons is an American drummer, banjo player, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and innovative engineer, best known for his work with The Byrds from 1968 to 1972. Parsons has also released solo albums and played in bands including Nashville West, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Parsons Green. Parsons is credited with... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years … Road Trip!

[Mardi Gras was officially March 10, 2022, but the parades began in New Orleans on January 6. As memorable as my time on campus was from 1966-1970, so of the most outstanding times were when we ventured off the campus. SB SM] It was the ultimate road trip. It was senior year in college. My... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years, Day 4 … Me’n Jim

For God, for Country, and For Yale, I'm living proof of a fairy tale. Gettin' smart don't get much cooler ... Go Bulldogs! Yeah Boola! Boola! From my Autobio-grafitti, "From the 4-0-1 to the 8-0-2" [My twice-postponed 50th reunion begins today. SB SM] I retired from both music and sports when I arrived in New... Continue Reading →

Sister Act

[Silverbacks ... especially you guys ... you ever have fantasies about being in a shower with not one, but two beautiful Silverbelles who are young enough to qualify as Silverbabes? And these ladies sing like nightingales, albeit nightingales with the blues? Of course you have. Well, today I'm going to make your Jungle fantasies come... Continue Reading →

Paul McCartney a Silverback? Damn Straight!

[Let's give this guy his due. He's been the greatest creator and performer for an entire generation. And he shows no sign of letting up. If that's not Silverback-worthy, then I don't know what is. Welcome to The Jungle, Paul. SB SM] from Variety, 5/16/2022 Paul McCartney’s ‘Got Back’ Tour Scores a Touchdown With Marathon... Continue Reading →

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