C. Jane Dances With Herself

Welcome to The Jungle, Silverbelle C. Jane (Hinesburg SBs). C. Jane's next book is due for publication in April, 2022. Stay tuned for updates. In her own words (from cjanetaylor.com): When I got the invitation from AARP to join their organization, I ripped the letter up and bought a motorcycle. I was a high school... Continue Reading →

Lists of Lists of Lists

Let's say you are sitting around with nothing better to do than read Silverback Digest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lists_of_lists?utm_campaign=Recomendo&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Revue%20newsletter Let's say you're in The Jungle and you're trying to remember the cast of characters in the British version of The Office. Click on the Lists of Lists of Lists and pretty soon you've got: David Brent[edit] Main article: David... Continue Reading →

The Van Goghs

Best of the 'Gest Each Saturday from now on, we will digging into the Silverback archives to revisit and update some of the Best of the 'Gest. From left to right, Bill Gannon (lead singer), Stephen "Step" Morris (rhythm guitar), Greg Morrison (lead guitar). My professional music career ended in 1966, when I left the... Continue Reading →

“Enjoy Every Sandwich”

The recent post on Warren Zevon triggered a variety of colorful Silverback responses. Here's a sampling of what was heard around The Jungle: Silverback Mike (Post Island SBs) writes: "What a tortured, torturing and talented being! More balance, care and less alcohol etc. Might have been a happier, more creative mix. Still 2 of most... Continue Reading →

Paper in Fire

[SB Alec (Ridge Road SBs) sends out a weekly email called Sing! in which he highlights a piece of music or an artist who he finds inspirational. This week his choice was Paper in Fire, also a favorite of mine. Great minds do think alike! SB SM] Good morning, good people! I was listening to... Continue Reading →

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