Sunbathing Birds

The Outside Story By Laurie D. Morrissey One cold spring morning, a turkey vulture soared across the sky and landed high in a tree behind my house. I soon noticed another vulture, most likely its mate, in a nearby oak. This one was perched with its back to the sun and its gigantic wings outspread.... Continue Reading →

The Tales of J. … In The Beginning

by Silverback J. (Mendocino Bonobos) Once upon a love affair, a tiny tadpole swam. Or was it a pollywog? Tadpole, pollywog, what’s the difference? Anyway, it was very warm and very dark there where the tiny taddywog swam. Soft and warm and wet and dark. And there was no up or down or in or... Continue Reading →

What Dog Breeds Teach Us About Race

[I find fascinating parallels between the concepts of "breed" and "race." They are, in my mind, bogus an bizarre human attempts to avoid and deny natural and scientific reality. As different as a Great Dane is from a Chihuahua, they are the same species, and left to their own to interbreed for a few generations,... Continue Reading →

We’ve Lost a Beloved Silverback

A loved, respected, admired, gentle, kind, and all-around awesome Silverback has left us for that greater Jungle in the sky. SB Derrick (Gilead SBs) was both the ultimate SB, but also the quintessential Vermonter. What makes a quintessential Vermonter? Well, he has to be a dairy farmer. And he has to prefer Jerseys over those... Continue Reading →

Colorful Wood Ducks Are Back

The Outside Story By Laurie D. Morrissey I’ve seen all kinds of birds on the wooded New Hampshire hilltop where I live, but never – until recently – a duck. So when I spotted a pair of wood ducks loitering in my yard one spring morning, I reached for the binoculars. A closer look revealed... Continue Reading →

Eggs Under Water

The Outside StoryBy Dan LambertEach year, soon after ice out, torpedo-shaped fish slip into the lake’s weedy shallows from that offshore zone where the bottom falls away. First comes the female, her flanks green and gold, and her ovaries swollen with eggs. The male swims alongside, alert for an opportunity to mate. Over the course... Continue Reading →


Earth's Population Statistics in Perspective The population of Earth is around 7.8 Billion. For most people, it is a large figure However, if you condensed 7.8 billion into 100 persons, and then into various percentage statistics the resulting analysis is relatively much easier to comprehend. Out of 100 : 11 are in Europe 5 are in... Continue Reading →

Moose & Ticks

The Outside Story Fungi May Kill Winter Ticks – and Help Moose Survive By Rachel Sargent Mirus Legend says a stake through the heart will kill a vampire. But it’s a bit more complicated if you’re plagued – as moose can be – by tens of thousands of tiny blood-suckers. In the case of moose,... Continue Reading →

Sharp-shinned Hawks: Agile Hunters

The Outside Story By Susan Shea One late winter day, I heard our dog barking fiercely from the yard. I went outside to find him standing about 6 feet away from a hawk that was on the ground beside our house. I grabbed the dog’s collar, brought him in, and observed the hawk through a... Continue Reading →

Mud Season

Mud Season in Vermont this year has been described as "biblical." We haven't experienced the worst of it, because we are "Frippin Out" (see yesterday's post), plus we live on the stretch of Gilead Brook Road that is paved. This fellow set out on his four-wheeler to experience the season first-hand. You may want to... Continue Reading →

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