The More Things Change …

When Coal First Arrived, Americans Said ‘No Thanks’ Back in the 19th century, coal was the nation’s newfangled fuel source—and it faced the same resistance as wind and solar today Clive Thompson from Smithsonian Magazine July/August 2022 Steven Preister's house in Washington, D.C. is a piece of American history, a gorgeous 110-year-old colonial with wooden columns... Continue Reading →

Ebb Tide

[Images from SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) taken at the lowest tide of the year. I find these images as amazing as anything from the Webb Telescope. How about that albino nipple inside the everything bagel? Good job on these, Silverback John. You've raised the bar for other Silverbacks! SB SM]

Wild Blueberries: Summer Treasures

By Meghan McCarthy McPhaul Among summer’s many sweet offerings are wild berries. And among these, blueberries are my favorite. Years ago, I took to carrying large, empty yogurt containers in my car – and smaller vessels in my backpack – so I would have something to fill should I pass a good berry patch. My... Continue Reading →

Women at the Hearth and on the Hunt

[This post is dedicated to Silverback Jerry (Quaker SBs) who seems to be obsessed with women shooting big guns while carrying their babies on their backs. SB SM] By Annemieke Milks This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republished under Creative Commons.阅读本文:中文  (Chinese) For a long time, it was assumed that hunting in ancient... Continue Reading →

Tree Rings

Tree Rings Are Evidence of the Megadrought—and Our Doom By Stephen E. Nash Stephen E. Nash is a historian of science and an archaeologist at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. He studies a wide range of subjects, including dendrochronology (tree-ring dating), the history of museums, the archaeology of west-central New Mexico, and Russian gem-carving sculptures by... Continue Reading →

Weird Burials

[Where are you going to be planted? Time to get creative. Personally, I want my two sons to drag me up to the compost bin. By next spring I'll be ready to be spread on the garden. SB SM] The Strangest Real-Life Graves in the World published on, contributed by SB Steve, Mr. BeGood... Continue Reading →

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