Understanding Life in The Jungle

[This is another piece from SAPIENS Magazine, another one of those things that I have no recollection of subscribing to or signing up for, that shows up, for free, in my inbox, and that gives me fresh insight to why we are here on the planet. I'm proud to share it with my fellow 'Belles... Continue Reading →

A Silverback Reflects …

[Jeez-z-z-z ... This is totally depressing. SB SM] by Bryan Pfeiffer published originally in the Boston Globe From his perch high in a red spruce, a Blackburnian warbler reminds me of my age. This has nothing to do with the fact that every June for 30 years — nearly half of my life — I... Continue Reading →

Colorful Lichens

Del Shannon week Begins Monday, 3/14/22 Start Getting Excited! The Outside Story By Rachel Sargent Mirus As I stroll through the cemetery near my home on a snowy day, splashes of golden orange, bright as daylilies in July, pop from the gray stones. These patches are elegant sunburst lichens, which provide a vibrant example of... Continue Reading →

How Low Can You Go?

What’s the Appeal of Deep Voices in Men? By Marta Zaraska Published in Sapiens Magazine, February 14, 2022 Del Shannon week Begins Monday, 3/14/22 Start Getting Excited! For many people, Barry White crooning in his thick, honey voice how he “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe,” is the ultimate sound of desire and sexual... Continue Reading →


The Revolutionary Genius of Neanderthals Our often-ridiculed ancestors were capable of abstract thought. They deserve some respect. STEPHEN E. NASH / 18 JAN 2017 For the last dozen years or so, Geico Insurance has run commercials featuring Neanderthals in modern contexts. The story line varies, but the take-home point does not: Switching to Geico is so easy that... Continue Reading →

Sunday Love from SB Jane

by SB C. Jane Taylor (Hinesburg SBs) (This essay was originally published in 2019. It is still one of my favorites.) It has come to my attention that Mabel is a rooster. The shape of her tail and the presence of her wattle give every indication that she is developing into a rooster. Her behavior... Continue Reading →

Know Your Jungle, Know Your World

[Readers of Silverback Digest know well that I probably steal more material from the Recomendo newsletter than anywhere else. Now they are offering new subscribers a free copy of their PDF book. "To encourage new readers of Recomendo, beginning tomorrow we will send all new sign-ups a free digital version of our best-of Recomendo book. The printed book sells for... Continue Reading →

Winter Crows

The Outside Story By Susan Shea During winter, I catch glimpses of crows as they fly swiftly over our valley, cawing, or gather in small groups to feed on roadkill along the highway. Sometimes I find their wandering tracks leading to holes in the snow where a crow probed for food. These sightings have made... Continue Reading →

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