Walking with Many Legs

[Have you ever wanted more legs? Nah, I didn't think so. Homo Sapiens? Been around about 200,000 years. Centipedes? About 400 million years. Who's still going to be here after we are gone? SB SM] By Rachel Sargent Mirus Grinning and giggling, my one-year-old son ran across the living room, only to trip over his... Continue Reading →

Deer Camp

by Silverbelle Margaret Osha [If you haven't gotten your buck this year, then time is running out. One of the greatest compliments as a writer that I've ever received was someone told me they found my novel Beyond Yonder on the book self of their deer camp. I felt like had finally earned my way... Continue Reading →

Urge for Going

The Outside Story The Canada Goose Migration: A Grand Spectacle of Nature By Susan Shea The musical honking of Canada geese and their V-shaped flocks streaming overhead are classic signs of autumn. I hear the clamor of geese as they fly low over my house, preparing to land in the hayfield in our valley. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

A Question of Color

[Silverbelles and Silverbacks are very provoked by this question. Should these statues be colored, or is that blasphemy? SB SM] Vol. 41, No. 3 / November 2022 Dispatch November 09, 2022 06:00 pm Installation view of “Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color,” on view through March 26, 2023 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photo: Anna-Marie Kellen, Courtesy of... Continue Reading →


Alive in the Flapping of Infinite Orange Wings Monarch butterflies’ epic annual migration from North America to Mexico inspires an anthropologist to reflect on this insect’s precarious life cycles through the lens of “multispecies ethnography.” By GIDEON LASCO 1 NOV 2022 Gideon Lasco is an anthropologist and a physician based in Manila, the Philippines. He obtained his... Continue Reading →

An Oft-Told Tale

A Dark History of the World’s Smallest Island Nation A combination of greed, colonial mismanagement, and gross incompetence has brought Nauru, once dubbed ‘Pleasant Island,’ to the brink of collapse. Since the early 1900s, Nauru has lost at least 80 percent of its original vegetation. By: Peter Dauvergne       Lying between Australia and Hawaii, the... Continue Reading →

Pests and Firewood

[It's that time of year. SB SM] How to Prevent Spreading Pests Through Firewood By Jen Weimer For many of us, this season involves hunting, gathering, and preparing for a long, cold winter. This often includes stacking (or restacking) the firewood that’s been seasoning while we enjoyed the laid back warmer months of summer. Humans... Continue Reading →

Little Rules About Big Things

[Here's how a venture capitalist looks at the world. SB SM] by Morgan Housel published on October 11, 2022 on collabfund.com Morgan Housel is a partner at Collaborative Fund and author of the book The Psychology of Money. A few things I’ve come to terms with: There is rarely more or less economic uncertainty; just changes in... Continue Reading →

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