Yup … Proud to be ‘merikun!

[Sometimes it is necessary to remind ourselves that we are a nation of people who were booted out of other countries. SB SM] “If the French and Indian War was the best school Washington attended, it also provided an education for many others -- Britons and Americans alike. The lessons the two peoples believed that... Continue Reading →

The Quest to Pick Up the Lost Lifting Stones of Ireland

[Another great suggestion from SB Babs. If this subject interests you I recommend the immersive interview with David Keohan on the Blindboy podcast which provides a more in depth cultural backdrop. SB SM] https://shows.acast.com/blindboy/episodes/the-lost-irish-tradition-of-lifting-heavy-stones A strongman is on a mission to uncover and lift these forgotten tests of strength. By Alyssa Ages from gq.com August 28,... Continue Reading →

The Social Life of Bats

[Our bats in this corner of The Jungle have been few and far between in recent years, but were much more in evidence this summer. More than once I had to guide them out of my office. Welcome back, little buddies. SB SM] Copyright © 2023 NautilusNext, All rights reserved.  nautil.us. ZOOLOGY They sing, have... Continue Reading →

Advice … Yet Another List

[This list breaks things down by profession, not a bad organizing principle. Best advice from a Silverback and lifelong publisher ... timing trumps talent, but when you have both, magic can occur. What sayest thou, Silverbacks? We have a wide cross-sections of professional talent out there in The Jungle--teachers, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs-- what's your top... Continue Reading →

Flyby News

[I published Green Living Journal for 15 years. Our distribution depended on activist volunteers. Jonathan was, by far, the best distributor we ever had, and it was through this association that I came to know him. He lives in a tucked-away, off-the-grid homestead in the wilds of central Massachusetts. (Yes, there are wilds of central... Continue Reading →

Rules for Reading

[Here you go, list lovers. Don't spend all of your time reading Silverback Digest. Take an occasional break for a good book. This summer I've read Ulysses and Moby Dick. Then, to keep myself tittilated as I picked blackberries, a biography of Marilyn Monroe. (All on audio, I must confess.) Reading is fun, Silverbacks. SB... Continue Reading →

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