Wimoweh … the Epilogue

[The focus this week is how the creative work of Solomon Linda was exploited by numerous music industry sharks over many decades. Linda definitely performed the first version that was recorded, but does that mean he necessarily created it? Perhaps it was a traditional chant for hunter or ceremonial celebration. Several of Bob Dylan's best... Continue Reading →

No Remorse

[Don't forget, next week will be devoted to "The Tales of the Tune." If you have one to contribute, let me know. SB SM] Here's a personal Tale of the Tune: On February 9, 1964, my sixteenth birthday, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I bought a used Harmony guitar and spent the... Continue Reading →

And They’re Off …

[It's Derby Week here in the Jungle, and what better way to celebrate that to dress in all our finery, pour a couple of Mint Juleps in silver cups and head off to the county fair race track where an exuberant woman spills red wine on your new shirt. Thank you SB J. (Mendocino Bonobos)... Continue Reading →

April, 2013

[Truck Day to Duck Day is the name of a website that I created in that year to chronicle the events that occurred in Boston between February and October, 2013. While its basic structure is tied to the baseball season, the subject matter more broadly describes the dramatic events that took place in Boston that... Continue Reading →

Am I the Tool? Bill Schubart

[This article appeared originally in Vtdigger.org and is used by permission of the author.) by Bill Schubart Am I the Tool? I love to work with my hands. I love tools – the simpler the better. The ratio of a tool’s utility to its simplicity defines a tool’s excellence for me. A simple hand tool... Continue Reading →

Earth Day Everyday … Tuesday

Mike McPhetres ... He Fixes Things by Stephen Morris In front of Mike McPhetres's Farm-All-Fix is a 1946 Farmall A that he loves to work on. "Originally, it was projected to have a 7 year life span, but it was so over-engineered that it's still running today, and with proper care and maintenance, it will... Continue Reading →

Next Year in the Garden … Spring

Famous Last Words Famous Last Words Part I–Spring Next year in the garden I won't plant my seeds too early just because I am excited by a warm day in April. I will wear a long sleeve shirt while pruning roses, raspberries, and blackberries. I will open seed packets the right way so that they... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Tuesday

[Why a full week on scrambled eggs? Two reasons. Scrambled eggs was (were?) the one and only dish that my father ever cooked. He would make them for us on weekend mornings. His technique, and I use the term loosely, was to turn the heat on a little too high and put too much butter... Continue Reading →

Mud Season … Friday Finale

I have two springtime rituals. 1. I recite, in Olde English, the first 18 lines of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales which I was required to memorize for an English class in my first year of college. "Whanne that April with its shoures ..." This is my best party trick and is, unquestionably, the most valuable... Continue Reading →

Mud Season Wednesday

MUD SEASON ROMANCE Spenser Lewis. Learn more at spencerlewismusic.com I wrote this song thinking it would make me a household word. Is “obscure” a household word? By means of explanation, Ashley’s is, or was, a local watering hole in Randolph, Vermont. It was a place that regularly lived up to its reputation, exemplified by the... Continue Reading →

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