Al’s Other Bikes

Before we stray too far from SB Al's custom, vintage eBike, let's see some of the others in his collection. His partner, Silverbelle Vance Smith, counts among her many design credits, the Defiant Woodstove made by Vermont Castings. While in Pandemic mode, Vance made some Christmas ornaments from Styrofoam balls and pushpins They look very... Continue Reading →


The Great State of Maine My wife and I recently spent a week on the coast of Maine. That is hardly newsworthy. The coast is not far from where we live. It was past the rush of tourist season, so finding accommodations was not difficult. The weather was lovely … Where is this going? My... Continue Reading →

Christmas in July … part one

The Flame Flickers in West Brookfield If there is a sacred moment for the residents of West Bookfield, it is during the singing of Silent Night at the end of the nonsectarian Christmas Eve service in the spare, wooden church, built in 1839. There’s no glitter, no flashing lights. The space is sparsely decorated with... Continue Reading →

Are Silverbacks Good Dads?

Evolution of the Dad Silverback Stephen Levesque with Silverbelle Rhaine on graduation day. Most male mammals have little or nothing to do with their kids. Why is our own species different? Lee Gettler is hard to get on the phone, for the very ordinary reason that he’s busy caring for his two young children. Among... Continue Reading →

Fading Rose

Tomorrow in the Digest: Ever Wonder What Erin Brockovitch is up to These Days? [Silverback J, that's all, just "J", of the Mendocino Bonobos is one of our most popular contributors. Remember the Elvis concert? Remember the Great Beer Caper? Encourage him to contribute more to the Silverback Digest by being wildly enthusiastic in posting... Continue Reading →

15 Household Uses for Coffee

by Taylor Nutting The average American drinks three cups of coffee a day — that’s about 400 million cups of coffee consumed each day in the United States alone. For many, the morning ritual of brewing a hot cup of coffee is a necessity as well as a treat. But instead of creating landfill-bound waste... Continue Reading →

The New, Hip Me

[It's Memorial Day weekend when we remember our fallen heroes. For some reason I am remembering when I first got my new hip. I now have a matched set. SB SM] Stephen Morris As publisher of The Silverback Digest, I’ve struggled to reconcile my recent encounter with the health care system with my environmental philosophy.... Continue Reading →

Crypto in The Jungle

[Is there crypto-currency in The Jungle? There sure is ... it's called Bananas, and if you've got 'em the rest of us want 'em. Silverback Kent of Sintra, Portugal has recently treated us to insights on Bitcoin and also the so-called "shitcoin" Dogecoin. Here's a different, more traditional view from this weekend's issue of Barron's.... Continue Reading →

Journey to The Villages, Part 1

Larry and Carolann set off in Pursuit of Paradise by Silverback Larry Hunter After over 30 years working in sales for major toy companies, I finally decided it was time to give up-selling Easy Bake Ovens, Playdoh and the like.  It’s a business like any other, with all the pressures and challenges of any sales job,... Continue Reading →

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