In the Past Year …

Best of the 'Gest A poem about getting better. [A poem by SB SM, now a year older and, thus, a year better.] In the past year I got out of the car while it was still in gear. I went swimming with my wallet in my pocket, Took a shower with hearing aids in... Continue Reading →

White Wedding in Itsoseng #7: Brewing Beer

Posted on March 21, 2015 on . [JP Lund was my freshman year roommate in college. We recently reconnected via the blogosphere. I tried piecing together a narrative to give context to the characters and events, but then decided that JP's pictures and words were context enough to depict the universal quality of beer. Itsoseng... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Beer Week

The Great Beer Trek … An Introduction [Every five or so years I remember that I was on the forefront of people realizing that American beer was in need of a drastic overhaul. As the old joke, best told by an Englishman, goes: "How is American beer like making love in a canoe? ... both are... Continue Reading →

The Van Goghs

Best of the 'Gest Each Saturday from now on, we will digging into the Silverback archives to revisit and update some of the Best of the 'Gest. From left to right, Bill Gannon (lead singer), Stephen "Step" Morris (rhythm guitar), Greg Morrison (lead guitar). My professional music career ended in 1966, when I left the... Continue Reading →

Take a Little Time

Best of the 'Gest No one has milked more attention from less musical talent as I, so I tip my hat to my former bandmate in the Van Goghs--SB Greg of the Narragansett Bay SBs-- who is still churning out new, original material. This song debuted of Silverback Digest almost a year ago. "Take a... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Wood

Best of the 'Gest This week we are celebrating the completion of our first year of publishing Silverback Digest by revisiting some of our previous posts. This one is from our very favorite author, Silverback Moi. PIECES OF WOOD by Stephen Morris West Brookfield is the classic Vermont hamlet—dirt crossroads, a church, a one-room schoolhouse,... Continue Reading →

Truck Day to Duck Day, 2013

The Red Sox of 2021 may have folded like a TV tray table, but not so the unforgettable Sox of 2013 who continued to fulfill Boston's date with destiny. Is this guy scary, or what? September 1Tim Tebow among 13 cut by the Patriots. Era over before it begins. Peavy throws seven strong against former... Continue Reading →

Remembering SB Bill Coperthwaite

[On my desk is a hand-carved wooden bowl given to me as a token of gratitude following the publication of his book A Handmade Life. It's been fourteen years since the publication and more than a decade since Bill's passing, but the bowl remains on my desk, a daily reminder of all his life stood... Continue Reading →

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