A New Twist on Fire in the Cave SB SM She started making the construction noises in the summer, when the grass was still green and we were eating from the garden. No chevrons of geese were yet overhead, and yet she was making the noises of hammers and nails and money fluttering off in... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day in the Jungle

We know that Silverbacks maintain harems, but what about Silverbacks and Silverbelles of the human variety? Does Love Always Come Before Marriage? By William Jankowiak and Alex Nelson Love and marriage aren’t the same thing: Passionate love is a feeling, and marriage is a social contract. But over time and around the world, the two... Continue Reading →

Another Baseball Story

(If Bonobo Boy J gets to tell a story of his glorious men's softball game past, then I get one, too. Here’s the story as it appeared in the vacation edition of The Herald of Randolph in July, 2017. SB SM) Sprague’s Dairy vs. the Guy Wilson Agency:The Day the Baseball World Stood Still Author’s long-winded introduction:Memoirs... Continue Reading →

Baseball Story from SB J

THE NIGHT CARL DeCARLO WENT DOWN I can see him now, that long-ago summer night in our Smalltown USA ballfield, under the lights, striding up to home plate to meet his Destiny. Now, Carl DeCarlo was one of those strikingly handsome bachelors that women of all ages and political persuasions swoon over. One of those.... Continue Reading →

It’s My Birthday!

It's all about me today! I am king of the Jungle I will begin by mating with all the Silverbelles in my harem: That will make me hungry, so I will eat some breakfast: Royalty-free stock illustration of a gorilla standing up as it eats a banana. Now, what to do? I think I'll practice... Continue Reading →

Girls Just Wanna …

[I take Sundays off and revisit an earlier post. Monday begins Image Week! SB SM] The last one ... I promise The girl can dance! This video, made while Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez, was in college, surfaced as attempt to discredit the young woman from the Bronx running for a Congressional seat. Didn't work, however, and helped... Continue Reading →

Accept With the Left

[This is an excerpt from my unfinished and never-to-be-published musical mem-wah, Stories of My Tunes. If there was ever any doubt about my willingness to make myself a public spectacle, this dispels it. SB SM] This tune originated on June 4, 1966, the year I graduated from Moses Brown in Providence, Rhode Island. Mrs. Monahan,... Continue Reading →

VW Busted by SB Mike

 Our VW adventure Easter /Spring vacation 1971 by SB Mike (Post Island SBs) In the Fall of 2009 we had just had four spectacular days of driving and hiking along Shenandoah’s Skyline Drive on into the Blue Ridge Parkway and turned southeasterly heading for North Carolina’s Outer Banks. About 5PM on this Saturday of a... Continue Reading →

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