Ya Never Know … Mo’ Mud

Best of the 'Gest ... Welcome to Mud Season. People get ugly just after town meeting. You still haven’t lost the weight from the holiday. You still can’t get out to exercise. The town report came out and listed YOU in the delinquent tax payer column. And the road between your house and the paved... Continue Reading →

Sharp-shinned Hawks: Agile Hunters

The Outside Story By Susan Shea One late winter day, I heard our dog barking fiercely from the yard. I went outside to find him standing about 6 feet away from a hawk that was on the ground beside our house. I grabbed the dog’s collar, brought him in, and observed the hawk through a... Continue Reading →

The Parsonage

Becoming an Airbnb Stephen Morris published originally in Green Living Journal, Summer, 2019 Last Spring we stayed with Ron and Elke at their White Rose Inn in Thousand Oaks, California. They let us pick tangerines and lemons from their citrus orchard and gave us insider tips on our visit the next day to the Reagan... Continue Reading →

Del Shannon Week … Friday

https://www.cityofcoopersville.com/coopersville-historical-museum.html The so-called supergroup, the Traveling Wilburys, do this very uninspired version of Runaway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEPx9bkpkh8 There are conflicting reports on Shannon's death. Some claim that it was accidental, that he was cleaning his gun when in accidentally misfired. In her testimony before Congress Le Anne Westover leaves little doubt as to whether her husband's death... Continue Reading →

Del Shannon Week … Thursday

Here's a timeline of my life intersections with Del: 1934 (Dec. 30) Del is born in Coopersville, MI as Charles Weedon Westover 1948 (February 9) Stephen is born in Milton, MA as Stephen Hunter Morris 1961 (February 18) Runaway is released, reaches #1, sells 9,000,000 copies, also releases Hats Off to Larry which climbs to... Continue Reading →

Del Shannon Week … Monday

[I have a long, rich, and complicated history with Del Shannon. Doesn't sound possible, does it? I will publish it in pieces this week. By the way, did you know that he wrote I Go to Pieces? Most people, most normal people, that is, say just one word when you mention Del Shannon ... "Runaway."... Continue Reading →

Another Lifetime

Del Shannon week Begins Monday, 3/14/22 Start Getting Excited! [We all live several lives. Here I am in my pre-Silverback days. Very few of you out there in The Jungle will be able to sit through all 18 minutes of this promotional video that Vermont Castings made for it dealer network in 1987. Video technology... Continue Reading →

Deprive us of Baseball, Will You?

Take me out to the ball game! [In this special edition of "Best of the 'Gest" we give you a taste of America's pastime, which is rapidly masking itself "past time," as the owners continue their lockout of the players. It's billed as the "Billionaires Quibbling With the Millionaires" and that sounds about right to... Continue Reading →

A Novice Grows his First Pot

[Reefer Madness or Green Living? This article, a year old, describes my maiden voyage growing pot. The irony is that, having grown it, I don't really enjoy consuming it. Give me a green salad any day. SB SM] A Novice Grows his First Marijuana There's a saying that "when the world ceases to satisfy, there's... Continue Reading →

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