Dunbar, Scotland

Silverbacks ... do you enjoy short travel pieces like this? If so, please "LIKE" this page by going to the full post at silverbackdigest.com and clicking the appropriate button with the outline of the star at the conclusion of the post. This will help guide me on future content. Thank you. SB SM [This was... Continue Reading →

That’s how it goes … in The Bartering Game

It's Sunday morning on The Gilead. The Sunday morning rituals are complete. Wordle in 3 (SB Sandy), "Great" in SpellCheck, Puzzlemaster with Will Shortz on NPR, breakfast of fried egg on Sicilian toast with garden-fresh tomato. As Sandy completes the weekly ironing while watching Sunday Morning with SB Jane Pauley and Meet the Press, she... Continue Reading →

Reading Well

[I'm proud of myself. So far this summer I have read Ulysses by James Joyce and Moby Dick by Herman Melville, both of them magnificent works of art. Today I harvested garlic to the closing refrains of the white whale and tomorrow I will harvest blackberries ... but I need a new book! This piece,... Continue Reading →

Jah Live!

[The Rastafarian community has always been a bit of a head scratcher for me, but one that doesn't do any harm, so let 'em be. SB SM] Charles A. Price Associate Professor of Education and Human Development, Temple University July 19, 2023 https://theconversation.com/rastafarians-gathering-for-the-131st-birthday-of-emperor-haile-selassie-are-still-grappling-with-his-reported-death-in-1975-209363?ref=thebrowser.com The week of July 23, 2023, thousands of Rastafarians, known for their... Continue Reading →

Pickleball Camp

[Different strokes for different folks. For Silverback John (Mendocino Bonobos) retirement means just another opportunity for entrepreneurism. He's installed two world-class pickleball courts at his off-the-grid SunHawk Farms and now has announced the first-ever Pickleball Camp. Better act fast, however. As of this writing there were only a few open slots left. Read all about... Continue Reading →

SB Don Celebrates his 80th

[This weekend my cousin Donnie (never just "Don" in my playbook) celebrates his 80th birthday with a Boston Harbor Sunset cruise arranged by his wife Denise. We'll be there to bear witness. My memories of Donnie are almost entirely associated with summers at that tiny enclave on Quincy Bay known as Post Island, home to... Continue Reading →

Bonobo J Ties the Knot

[SB J (Mendocino Bonobos) has contributed frequently to Silverback Digest. He recently made a significant expansion of the harem by the wedding the exotic, beautiful, and d'lovely Debbie Moore in a moving pondside ceremony presided over by Jesse Holden, fruit of his loins. From all over The Jungle, Silverbacks/belles salute you with double-thumps and cries... Continue Reading →

What’s Next … Pestilence?

[In the last two days I've posted on the deteriorating air quality due to the Canadian wildfires burning out of control, and the flooding caused by the biblical rains. What's next ... pestilence? You've got it. On the Fourth of July I capped a day of patriotic celebration, grillful jubilation, and immersive gardening with an... Continue Reading →

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