The West Brookfield Classic

Like all great ideas, The Classic was conceived on a cold winter’s night when summer seemed a thousand … a million years away. It was at the McKeon’s house. Someone (Greg Schipa? John McKeon?) said “Wouldn’t it be incredible if next summer we could get in good enough shape to run all the way around... Continue Reading →

Eat a Peach

Pho Hong ... best Vietnamese in Vermont We were having lunch at Pho Hong, our favorite restaurant in Burlington, when Silverbelle Sandy said "Something I really want to do before the summer is over is to pick peaches in Addison County. "Vermont's not exactly known for its peaches," I said. "But if you're serious, you... Continue Reading →


[This is an article from my wise-guy days when I thought I was Vermont's answer to Dave Barry. Didn't work out that way, but that's ok. I've left in all the dated references, because the subject is timeless. SB SM] One of the nice things about Vermont, especially outside the Chittenden Metro Belt, is that... Continue Reading →

A Vermont Train Journey – 1953

[The relevance of this piece to the mission of The Jungle may be tenuous, but the writing is so damn good that I doubt that anyone will complain. A Tip-of-the-Hat to SB Bill! SB SM] The Montreal-New York Ambassador at the train station in White River Junction on Aug. 27, 1951.Photo by Jim Shaughnessy by... Continue Reading →

Best of the ‘Gest … The Olympiad,2021

The Great Kirschaeffer Reunion and SunHawk by Silverback John Schaeffer (Mendocino Bonobos) Olympiad – July 2021 (Participants: John (Bapa), Eric (esotERIC), Nantzy (Grantzy), Francine (Grantzine), Sara, Ashley, Erol, Jules, Sebastian, Soleil, Nancy May, Alexis, Whitney, Kenzie, Jasper, Kim) It was a weekend to remember! The idea for a “Kirschaeffer Reunion and Olympiad – 2021 came... Continue Reading →

Images from SB Reverend Doctor J

Silverback Digest is beginning a series of images by Silverbacks, for Silverbacks. This first collection is from Silverback J (Mendocino Bonobos). We're not saying that he took all of these images, just that he sent them to us. In the upper left you see an image of the Reverend Doctor himself, perhaps holding his infant... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Laundry

by SB SM The Joys of Laundry Want to do something to feed your soul while being a responsible steward of our diminishing fossil fuel resources? Want to harvest some solar energy without having to apply for government subsidies or understanding what it means to make your electric meter run backwards? Try hanging your laundry.... Continue Reading →

My Buddy, Ed

[This material, text and images, was posted on Facebook by Silverbelle Emily (Tunbridge SBs). We will have additions postings featuring one of the great original SBs, Ed Koren. SB SM] Our dear friend, Ed, is battling cancer. It is inconceivable to imagine Ed aging, or unwell, since he has always been able to leave anyone... Continue Reading →

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