One of the Last Piano Manufacturers

Only Two Remain BY ZACHARY CROCKETT Inside an old brick building in the leafy town of Haverhill, Massachusetts, you’ll find one of the last vestiges of a once-formidable industry. Entering the six-story structure is like going back in time: Stacks of kiln-dried maple wood line the walls. Artisans carefully tinker with tuning pins and soundboards. A... Continue Reading →

Home Demonstration Clubs of Vermont

by Silverbelle Margaret (Ridge Road SBs) A cookbook in the pantry caught my eye recently. It has been a long time since I've visited the contents of this old book. Bound together by two metal rings, it’s dressed with a simple cover made from vintage, mottled-gray shelving plastic. Sandwiched between the front and back cover... Continue Reading →

Daniel Pink, Ya Think?

Daniel Pink sends me occasional "Pinkcasts" such as this one. I find them to be entertaining, useful, straightforward, commonsensical, and practical, well worth the two minutes or so I spend watching. See what you think of Pink. Finally, I particularly like his list of things to do when traveling to a new place:... Continue Reading →

Green Living Lives On

How cool is this? I published Green Living for 15 years, following 15 years published by my predecessor, Marshall Glickman. For a dozen of my decade and a half I was joined by Gary Munkhoff and his partner, Susan Place, who published an Oregon-based edition. They are carrying on, looking better with each successive issue.... Continue Reading →

Everybody Wins at Lucky Bottle

[Lest anyone doubt my entrepreneurial instincts ... SB SM.] September, 1981 “Embossed beer bottles for sale. Old soda bottles, too,” reads the classified ad. I collect old beer bottles so thought I’d take a look, even though it is a Burlington address. I ask my friend Charlie if he’d like to go for a ride.... Continue Reading →

The H Gene

[As a born and bred Vermonter, Silverbelle Margaret knows the significance of the Tunbridge World's Fair. This is an event that celebrates the harvest, while simultaneously mourning the passing of summer and anticipating with dread the long, cold slog until next spring. Live it up Vermonters, for tomorrow ... and tomorrow ,,, and tomorrow ...... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Barns

[This contribution come from Silverbelle Margaret (Ridge Road SBs). SB Margaret is a writer, illustrator, cook, and all-around outdoors-person who very much loves where she lives. Thanks to SB Stuart and SB Susan for also contributing to this piece. We hope SB Margaret will be a regular contributor to the Digest. SB SM] by Margaret... Continue Reading →

Into the Tunnel

Into the tunnel, thinking in the dark [Even as he was in the final moments before undergoing open heart surgery, Garrison Keillor was turning the moment into fodder for his column. SB SM] The Column: 09.01.22 Garrison Keillor Aug 29, 2022 Spending some time at Mayo Clinic, much of it ordinary, waiting, listening, doing as... Continue Reading →

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