January Thaw or Apocalyptic Warning?

[Many of us who reside in The Jungle already understand the need for a communal stewardship model to supplant our current worship of unbridled consumerism. Silverback Bill of the Hinesburg SBs has found an eloquent and eye-opening way to bring it to our attention again. It's a story that can't be told often enough. SB... Continue Reading →

Writing 31 Books at Once

[GQ talks to James Patterson. I've never been a fan of his writing, but I admire him about coming clean about how he manages the writing machine that is the James Patterson brand. SB SM] “My grandmother said, ‘Hungry dogs run faster,’” says the 75-year-old. “I've always been a hungry dog." BY CLAY SKIPPER January 3,... Continue Reading →


[Sometimes the best way to express gratitude is just to live in someone else's shoes for a day. SB SM] 01.09.2023 WORDS BY JEFFREY SHOCKLEY An incarcerated person writes for The Frontline about winter’s lessons in helping him navigate seasons of light and dark, hope and despair. This story is part of a partnership between Prison Journalism Project and Atmos... Continue Reading →

‘Backs & Belles Salute MLK

From AJC.com (Atlanta Journal Courier) Lesser know, but equally memorable Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes: In his April 1967 speech, “Beyond Vietnam” he said of the choices that must be made for the betterment of the nation, “Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions, but we must... Continue Reading →

Season to Taste

[Silverbelle C. Jane (Hinesburg SBs) is the author of Spirit Traffic (see link below). She also sends out weekly Love Letters that are teeming with wit, sass, and wisdom. This one explains ayurveda in less than 1000 words, perfect for the attention-challenged inhabitants of The Jungle. Sign-up for your own weekly love letter at cjanetaylor.com.... Continue Reading →

The Duke … a Silverback?

[Another excerpt from the Delancey Street newsletter. John Wayne was very much the polarizing figure back when most of us came of age. Has our assessment of him mellowed or improved over time? Or, is he an enduring hero of a time that we have moved past? Stated differently, is he Silverback Worthy? SB SM]... Continue Reading →

Elective Anonymity

Elective AnonymityBY ROBERT COTTRELL – 14 DEC 2022  [Robert Cottrell is the editor of The Browser, blog/newsletter that I crib a lot of interesting material from. The Browser's tagline is "Writing Worth Reading," and that summarizes their mission succinctly. Occasionally he addresses his subscribers directly, such as in this post which is about creators who... Continue Reading →

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