Trippin’ with SB Alec & Denise

[Silverback Alec and Silverbelle Denise have left Vermont for the wide open spaces of the American. Here is the first of what we hope will be several Trippin' posts. Main photo is from The Badlands National Park, which isn't looking so bad from this post. SB SM] "I am reading Elliot Arnold’s historical novel, Blood... Continue Reading →

Eli Lampwick

[Who is Eli Lampwick, and why is he sending me poems? Any clues from fellow Silverbacks? SB SM] A Polished Stone A poem is just a polished stone, Something molten and original, Before the spinning gathered thought Circling a vagrant center, Before the turning of a mind, Before a word was spoken, Sedimented in the... Continue Reading →

The Light of Feminism

Portrait of Charlotte du Val d’Ognes (1801) Our attention is initially drawn to the light, which clings to the contours of a woman thought to be Marie Joséphine Charlotte du Val d’Ognes, fuzzing the borders of flesh, fichu, and the muslin of her neoclassical dress. In the midst of creation, the artist meets our gaze: are... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years, Part 2 … Tully

(Tully Luke Goldrick graduates from Yale on May 23 with a BA Degree in Psychology, the same degree that Silverback Stephen graduated with back in 1970. Tully, a member of the Yale class of 2021, is graduating a year late due taking two semesters off during the pandemic. Ironically, Silverback Stephen will be in New... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years, Part 1 … Rhaine

(Originally published April 8, 2021. On May 23 Silverbelle Rhaine will graduate from Boston College with her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work. Congratulations!! Pictured SB Rhaine with her Nana, Silverbelle Sandy on the BC campus.) You met Silverbelle Rhaine last November when SB Sandy and I delivered a socially distanced birthday cake. Rhaine, now... Continue Reading →

Sister Act

[Silverbacks ... especially you guys ... you ever have fantasies about being in a shower with not one, but two beautiful Silverbelles who are young enough to qualify as Silverbabes? And these ladies sing like nightingales, albeit nightingales with the blues? Of course you have. Well, today I'm going to make your Jungle fantasies come... Continue Reading →

Paul McCartney a Silverback? Damn Straight!

[Let's give this guy his due. He's been the greatest creator and performer for an entire generation. And he shows no sign of letting up. If that's not Silverback-worthy, then I don't know what is. Welcome to The Jungle, Paul. SB SM] from Variety, 5/16/2022 Paul McCartney’s ‘Got Back’ Tour Scores a Touchdown With Marathon... Continue Reading →

The Drama of Everyday

[Disclosure: Silverbelle C. Jane Taylor (Hinesburg SBs) is a resident of The Jungle and is an occasional contributor to Silverback Digest. And the publisher, SB Bill Schubart, also of the Hineburg SBs, is also a contributor. SB SM] Spirit Traffic is a remarkable book about the unremarkable. "Unremarkable" in that it's not about epic experiences... Continue Reading →

The Tales of J. … In The Beginning

by Silverback J. (Mendocino Bonobos) Once upon a love affair, a tiny tadpole swam. Or was it a pollywog? Tadpole, pollywog, what’s the difference? Anyway, it was very warm and very dark there where the tiny taddywog swam. Soft and warm and wet and dark. And there was no up or down or in or... Continue Reading →

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