Changing Gears

[We've followed SB C. Jane on her journeys across the continent, first on the pages of her book, Spirit Traffic and, more recently, on her trip to promote the book. Now, she's back ... and pondering ... SB SM] My neighbor asked me this morning about how I’m feeling after having ridden for ninety-seven days... Continue Reading →

Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera, Part 1

[This is a daily post that will take you through two cups of coffee. Relax, scroll down, watch all the video, then give us some feedback. We've never done anything like this either. SB SM] How to Experience Grendel Grendel is a combination of words, images, and motion. To experience it chronologically, just scroll down... Continue Reading →

How About Them Pumpkins?

[A tip of the hat to Silverback Jerry (Quaker Silverbacks) for suggesting this. SB SM] October 5, 202211:46 AM ET THE ASSOCIATED PRESS In this photo provided by The Great Pumpkin Farm, Emmett Andrusz, from left, Steve Andrusz and Scott Andrusz, pose with the record-setting 2,554-pound pumpkin in Clarence, N.Y., on Saturday.The Great Pumpkin Farm... Continue Reading →

More to be Learned from Genghis

[The older I get and the more I learn, the more angry become about the bullshit/brainwashed version of history we were force-fed under the guise of "education." Genghis Khan has gotten a bad rap throughout history. He was a true Silverback. Take note of his negotiating techniques. SB SM] Today's selection -- from The Horde by Marie... Continue Reading →

One of the Last Piano Manufacturers

Only Two Remain BY ZACHARY CROCKETT Inside an old brick building in the leafy town of Haverhill, Massachusetts, you’ll find one of the last vestiges of a once-formidable industry. Entering the six-story structure is like going back in time: Stacks of kiln-dried maple wood line the walls. Artisans carefully tinker with tuning pins and soundboards. A... Continue Reading →

Home Demonstration Clubs of Vermont

by Silverbelle Margaret (Ridge Road SBs) A cookbook in the pantry caught my eye recently. It has been a long time since I've visited the contents of this old book. Bound together by two metal rings, it’s dressed with a simple cover made from vintage, mottled-gray shelving plastic. Sandwiched between the front and back cover... Continue Reading →

Daniel Pink, Ya Think?

Daniel Pink sends me occasional "Pinkcasts" such as this one. I find them to be entertaining, useful, straightforward, commonsensical, and practical, well worth the two minutes or so I spend watching. See what you think of Pink. Finally, I particularly like his list of things to do when traveling to a new place:... Continue Reading →

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