For more than thirty years Stephen Morris has helped companies and non-profit organizations define missions and develop effective marketing strategies. His career has spanned a variety of industries ranging from woodstoves to solar panels to books.

Now, he has retired to the wild Jungle of Vermont where he is trying to keep happy, healthy, and relevant by brewing beer, growing garlic, and publishing the Silverback Digest. The days of rocking the world, saving the planet, winning the batting championship of the American League are mostly in the rearview mirror now. These days it’s more about feeling good, being kind, laughing, and connecting with friends.

He was once The King of Vermont … is King of the Jungle next?

Silverbacks in their natural habitat.

The Silverbacks began as a male-oriented film group that met sporadically during long Vermont winters. That ended with the pandemic. In October 2020, the organization was re-booted with some important changes:

  • It would be virtual
  • It would be global
  • It would welcome and celebrate women

… all the while remaining true to our Silverback roots.

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