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For more than thirty years Stephen Morris has helped companies and non-profit organizations define missions and develop effective marketing strategies. His career has spanned a variety of industries ranging from woodstoves to solar panels to books. He is co-founder of The Public Press, a book publishing business that provides new options for writers whose works are too specialized for traditional publishers. He was, for fifteen years, editor and publisher of the quarterly Green Living and the author or editor of ten books, including the novels Beyond Yonder and Stripah Love.

He founded an experimental publishing business called The Public Press dedicated to the “protection of free speech word by word.” Using new technologies that minimize the consumption of natural resources, The Public Press brings worthy ideas to light while eliminating the waste and inefficiencies of the conventional book trade.

Chelsea Green Publishing Company

From 1996 until 2003, Stephen Morris was President and Publisher at

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Chelsea Green, an independent book publisher specializing in the ideas and practices of sustainable living.

Real Goods Trading Corporation

As a consultant and later as Chief Operating Officer with Real Goods Trading Corporation of Ukiah, California, he devised retail and catalogue strategies, formulated preferred customer programs, and developed attention-getting national events including the National Tour of Solar Homes.

Vermont Castings
Between 1979 and 1992 Stephen Morris was employed by Vermont Castings, a manufacturer of quality woodstoves, fireplaces, and gas barbecues. Hired originally as Customer Service Manager, he eventually became Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During his tenure Vermont Castings became the leading company in its category. He co-edited the company’s best-selling book The Book of Heat.

Then, 2010 Morris founded the Silverback Film Society

The idea was simple enough … invite some of my contemporaries every few weeks during the cold Vermont winter months for cheap beer, frozen pizza, a bad movie, and even worse behavior. After a lifetime of nose-to-the-grindstone maturity, I was hoping for a chance to be silly … and to laugh.

It didn’t work, at least not as planned.

The first chink in the concept came when one invitee showed up with a $15 bottle of wine, a far cry from cheap beer. The frozen pizza tasted like cardboard, and the film, Speedway starring Elvis Presley proved unwatchable beyond 15 minutes or so.

But …

The evening as a whole was successful and the Silverbacks in various forms and configurations have been meeting regularly ever since. We bring our own libations, one member selects the show and brings an associated snack (hopefully, not too healthy), someone writes a review, and we post it on our website. Silverback gatherings are beacons of warmth and light during winters in Vermont that can last much too long.

Silverbacks in their natural habitat.

Now, we’re looking to go international. There are Silverbacks everywhere, and our mission is to connect them. And we don’t want to exclude our harem-brethren. Ladies are encouraged to become part of the Silverback diaspora. We love ’em. Welcome to the jungle, one and all.

King of the Jungle?

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