Believing Cassandra

(Attention email subscribers ... did you know that many of the images in your email are clickable as videos with sound? Give it a try!) Del: On Saturday night, the Brewsters put on a big, celebratory dinner for me. I was wearing borrowed civvies of Greg's. His two sisters were there, Cassandra, and his mother... Continue Reading →

March 7 … Something Good

Something Good Del: Have you ever had that feeling that something happened to you during the day that would change your life forever? It happened to Greg about two weeks after we graduated from high school. She's kind of quiet, not too shy ... We had a third Musketeer!

March 6 … Summahtime

Do you know ... if you receive Silverback Digest via email, you are missing part of the show. Click on the headline to give yourself the full experience. Del: Once in a while something small brings a very big emotion flooding back in a rush. This song never fails: Del: It's summahtime-summahtime-sum-sum-summahtime ... suddenly,... Continue Reading →

My Gravel Slalom & Roads Scholarship

by Silverback Bill (Hinesburg SBs) (A driver navigates ruts on Texas Hill Road in Hinesburg March 21, 2022. Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger) It’s only January and the annual back-roads slalom season has begun – where even the most abstemious seem to be driving under the influence. Some experienced back-roads slalom drivers appear like recent arrivals... Continue Reading →

Before There Was Crypto

[This story is a little long for the attention span of an ape, but it's well worth it. Read it to give yourself a break from doing your taxes. This could make a great feature film. SB SM] Illusory WealthVictor Dubreuil’s Cryptic Currencies By Dorinda Evans Dorinda Evans is a professor emerita at Emory University. She has... Continue Reading →

Coke … By the Numbers

[By The Numbers was a regular feature in Green Living Journal. Not long ago we revealed the many uses of coffee grounds. This sent me back into the archives to see if there might be some useful information for readers of Silverback Digest. Here's what I found in the spring issue of 2014. SB SM]... Continue Reading →

Presentation is Everything

Today's encore selection -- from Serve It Forth by M.F.K. Fisher. In medieval Europe, royal banquets were held to celebrate extraordinary guests. These guests were honored with "subtleties," which were elaborate food displays made of sugar and other food items commemorating the character or achievements of those guests. To highlight these subtleties, they were paraded in front of... Continue Reading →


["Extra-Ordinary" is the title of my never-finished, never-published memoir, or is it an autobiography? The title is a play on the word extraordinary, which denotes something anything but ordinary. By putting in the hyphen my intent is to communicate that the only thing exceptional about my life is that it has been ordinary to the... Continue Reading →

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