Your Sunday Rabbit Hole

We Will Not Destroy This List of Lists Jane Marie publishes a newsletter that's available of You can subscribe by clicking on the link below. It used to be that you could while away your Sunday mornings with the crossword puzzle or sports page. Now all it takes is your phone and an endless... Continue Reading →

Wimoweh … the Epilogue

[The focus this week is how the creative work of Solomon Linda was exploited by numerous music industry sharks over many decades. Linda definitely performed the first version that was recorded, but does that mean he necessarily created it? Perhaps it was a traditional chant for hunter or ceremonial celebration. Several of Bob Dylan's best... Continue Reading →

No Remorse

[Don't forget, next week will be devoted to "The Tales of the Tune." If you have one to contribute, let me know. SB SM] Here's a personal Tale of the Tune: On February 9, 1964, my sixteenth birthday, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I bought a used Harmony guitar and spent the... Continue Reading →

Gratitude for Little Gifts

A Haitian friend of Reginale, a 28-year-old mother with AIDS, combs her hair in a gesture of true friendship and love. Chilton St. Hospice, Cambridge, MA, 1994. Jon Chase photo [Yesterday we published a tribute to Silverback M. Dickey Drysdale who has left The Jungle for the Great Newsroom in the sky. Today we take... Continue Reading →

There’s Bitcoin … then there’s Shitcoin

[Silverback Kent Halliburton, Ex-Pat SBs, is our resident Jungle expert on Bitcoin, puts out a daily news letter called Kent's Corner that's available on SB SM] Kent Halliburton's Daily Ramble DOGE is worth taking a moment to write about today. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of DOGE, it’s a... Continue Reading →

And They’re Off …

[It's Derby Week here in the Jungle, and what better way to celebrate that to dress in all our finery, pour a couple of Mint Juleps in silver cups and head off to the county fair race track where an exuberant woman spills red wine on your new shirt. Thank you SB J. (Mendocino Bonobos)... Continue Reading →

Meet Silverbelle Jeanne

Meet Madame Jeanne Louise Calment, who had the longest confirmed human lifespan: 122 years, 164 days. Apparently, fate strongly approved of the way she lived her life. She was born in Arles, France, on February 21, 1875. The Eiffel Tower was built when she was 14 years old. It was at this time she met... Continue Reading →

Word Play- Clixed-up Michés

Clixed-up Michés Some people, especially in Vermont where the winters are long, collect things. I know people who collect rare wines, deer antlers, Blue Willow china, baseball cards, snake skins, campaign buttons, barbed wire, beer cans, coins, stamps, and telephone insulators. I collect clichés. Clichés are trite, shopworn, overused phrases, such as “He is as... Continue Reading →

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