Casey at the Bat

From yesterday's Writer's Almanac: It's the birthday of poet Ernest Thayer, born in Lawrence, Massachusetts (1863). He went to Harvard, where he studied philosophy with William James and wrote for the Harvard Lampoon. After graduation, his fellow Lampoon writer William Randolph Hearst convinced Thayer to come to San Francisco, because his father, George Hearst, had bought the San Francisco Examiner and almost... Continue Reading →

Introducing (ta-da) Grendel!

[Preview of Coming Attractions ... start getting excited. In October, Silverback Digest will be hosting what might be the musical event of the century. Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera will be debuting right here. Details are not being released yet, but prepare yourself for glamor, innovation, and surprise beyond your wildest dreams. And remember ... you'll... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Webb Telescope

[ Honorary Silverback status to this guy. SB SM] On July 31st, Etienne Klein, research director of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, tweeted the photo to his 90,000+ followers on Twitter and claimed that it was a new Webb telescope photo showing the closest star to our Sun. “Picture of Proxima Centauri,... Continue Reading →

Cussing in The Jungle

[It's so much easier in The Jungle. Oo-oo covers it all. SB SM] Rude words are a constant, but their ability to cause offence is in flux. Historians should know their flim-flam from their fiddle-faddle.  Suzannah Lipscomb | Published in History Today Volume 72 Issue 8 August 2022 Scene from The New Art and Mystery of Gossiping, Being a Genuine Account of... Continue Reading →

Best of the ‘Gest … The Olympiad,2021

The Great Kirschaeffer Reunion and SunHawk by Silverback John Schaeffer (Mendocino Bonobos) Olympiad – July 2021 (Participants: John (Bapa), Eric (esotERIC), Nantzy (Grantzy), Francine (Grantzine), Sara, Ashley, Erol, Jules, Sebastian, Soleil, Nancy May, Alexis, Whitney, Kenzie, Jasper, Kim) It was a weekend to remember! The idea for a “Kirschaeffer Reunion and Olympiad – 2021 came... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Listerine!

View OnlineIssue #218July 31, 2022The people making millions off Listerine royaltiesA little-known provision in a 100-year-old contract opened up the door for private investors to mint money from mouthwash sales.BY MICHAEL WATERSFor the 26 years that Catherine Schweitzer has worked at the Baird Foundation, a nonprofit based in Buffalo, New York, her organization has relied in part on... Continue Reading →

Weird Burials, PT 2

[Top o' the morning to ya, Silverbelles and Silverbacks. Time to give a little thought to your final resting space. Where would you want to spend eternity? Thanks to SB Steve (Post Island SBs) for coming up with this cheerful little gem. SB SM] The only thing certain about life is death - and one... Continue Reading →

Images from SB Reverend Doctor J

Silverback Digest is beginning a series of images by Silverbacks, for Silverbacks. This first collection is from Silverback J (Mendocino Bonobos). We're not saying that he took all of these images, just that he sent them to us. In the upper left you see an image of the Reverend Doctor himself, perhaps holding his infant... Continue Reading →

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