The Rat Race … Happy Labor Day

[Here's an appropriate post for Labor Day. It's a short film (4:15) about the Rat Race called Happiness. It's loaded with jokes and funny observations. Watch it twice. I did. It clearly demonstrates why we need a "Human Jungle" where Silverbacks and Silverbelles can live in peace and harmony. Have a great holiday. SB SM]... Continue Reading →

All the Kitchen’s a Stage

[Does this article belong in Silverback Digest? Probably not. After all, gorillas are vegetarians who mostly eat leaves and fruits. I've included it as a reminder of how far we have drifted from our jungle origins. This point is vividly depicted in the video clip from The Bear that shows the protagonist, Carmy, being quietly... Continue Reading →

The Millennial Post … it’s here!

[This is the official 1000th post on Silverback Digest. I asked my fellow dwellers in The Jungle where we should go next, and here's how they responded. Thanks to all of you who came up with such great suggestions. SB SM] 21 thoughts on “Closing in on 1,000 … Asking for Your Help.” Steven Shepard... Continue Reading →

How to Feed a Dictator

[The Browser is one of my favorite online newsletters. The free version recommends things to read. The paid version recommends a lot more things to read, and also includes a weekly letter from the founding editor, Robert Cottrell. Here's a sample. Note: this one was written before the plane allegedly carrying Yevgeny Prigozhin went down.... Continue Reading →

That’s how it goes … in The Bartering Game

It's Sunday morning on The Gilead. The Sunday morning rituals are complete. Wordle in 3 (SB Sandy), "Great" in SpellCheck, Puzzlemaster with Will Shortz on NPR, breakfast of fried egg on Sicilian toast with garden-fresh tomato. As Sandy completes the weekly ironing while watching Sunday Morning with SB Jane Pauley and Meet the Press, she... Continue Reading →

100 Things I Know

[One thing she doesn't seem to know is how to count, judging from the mis-numbering of this list. I couldn't figure out how to correct it, so have reprinted it as previously published. Personally, the list is too girly for me, but I am a fan of lists, so leave it to you to filter... Continue Reading →

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