Bright College Years … Road Trip!

[Mardi Gras was officially March 10, 2022, but the parades began in New Orleans on January 6. As memorable as my time on campus was from 1966-1970, so of the most outstanding times were when we ventured off the campus. SB SM] It was the ultimate road trip. It was senior year in college. My... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years … The Last Class Book?

(Image above: John Boak cover design for video made for 1970's 25th Reunion.) After taking a break for its 45th reunion, the class of 1970 resumed double-barreled publishing activity in preparation for the 50th. The first volume was Places: Recollections from Yale 70 with Photos of Yale Now. Conceived by Stuart Cohen, with ample assists... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years, Day 4 … Me’n Jim

For God, for Country, and For Yale, I'm living proof of a fairy tale. Gettin' smart don't get much cooler ... Go Bulldogs! Yeah Boola! Boola! From my Autobio-grafitti, "From the 4-0-1 to the 8-0-2" [My twice-postponed 50th reunion begins today. SB SM] I retired from both music and sports when I arrived in New... Continue Reading →

Bright College Years … Reunion Books

Interestingly, the Yale class of 1870 compiled their own biographical account. It is in the public domain, and a reproduction is available on Amazon where it is described as follows: "This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This... Continue Reading →

Play Ball … A Blast from the Past

Part I - The Wrath of Irene [On August 29, 2011 Tropical Storm Irene pummeled Vermont. Central Vermont, full of steep Green Mountain foothills and rushing mountain streams, was overwhelmed, suffered its worst natural disaster since the Flood of 1927. Bridges and roads were washed out, trees and powerlines were down, and whole communities were... Continue Reading →

The Drama of Everyday

[Disclosure: Silverbelle C. Jane Taylor (Hinesburg SBs) is a resident of The Jungle and is an occasional contributor to Silverback Digest. And the publisher, SB Bill Schubart, also of the Hineburg SBs, is also a contributor. SB SM] Spirit Traffic is a remarkable book about the unremarkable. "Unremarkable" in that it's not about epic experiences... Continue Reading →

The Tales of J. … In The Beginning

by Silverback J. (Mendocino Bonobos) Once upon a love affair, a tiny tadpole swam. Or was it a pollywog? Tadpole, pollywog, what’s the difference? Anyway, it was very warm and very dark there where the tiny taddywog swam. Soft and warm and wet and dark. And there was no up or down or in or... Continue Reading →

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