Those Who Stay …

[There are two fundamental stories in humankind ... a man goes on a journey and a stranger comes to town. It's a theme that is central in Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera as well. Is the one who stays, Greg, a coward or simply smart enough to hold on to a good thing. Is Del a... Continue Reading →

Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera, Part 1

[This is a daily post that will take you through two cups of coffee. Relax, scroll down, watch all the video, then give us some feedback. We've never done anything like this either. SB SM] How to Experience Grendel Grendel is a combination of words, images, and motion. To experience it chronologically, just scroll down... Continue Reading →

Field of Dreams

[This is an excerpt from Grendel: the Four-Chord Opera, Part 1 of which is now accessible with its own page on Silverback Digest. In this installment the co-protagonists, Greg and Del describe the fateful moment when their musical paths first crossed. SB SM] The Boys Meet Del: We went to a private boys school called... Continue Reading →

The Definition of Ironic

Ironic that SB Bill (Hinesburg SBs) sends this on the day that Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera makes its official debut! A.Word.A.Daywith Anu Garg musicaster PRONUNCIATION: (MYOO-zi-kas-tuhr)  MEANING: noun: A mediocre musician. ETYMOLOGY: From music + -aster (a pejorative suffix). Earliest documented use: 1838. NOTES: The pejorative suffix -aster (meaning something that is inferior, small, or... Continue Reading →

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