Take a Little Time

Best of the 'Gest No one has milked more attention from less musical talent as I, so I tip my hat to my former bandmate in the Van Goghs--SB Greg of the Narragansett Bay SBs-- who is still churning out new, original material. This song debuted of Silverback Digest almost a year ago. "Take a... Continue Reading →

The Travel Itch

Best of the 'Gest One of the missions of Silverback Digest is to be a source of cultural critique and discovery. We were born in Pandemic, and we remain in Pandemic, but our readers have found new and novel ways to travel the globe. Photo courtesy of Silverbelle Deborah, our Irish ex-pat correspondent. Originally published... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Wood

Best of the 'Gest This week we are celebrating the completion of our first year of publishing Silverback Digest by revisiting some of our previous posts. This one is from our very favorite author, Silverback Moi. PIECES OF WOOD by Stephen Morris West Brookfield is the classic Vermont hamlet—dirt crossroads, a church, a one-room schoolhouse,... Continue Reading →

QAnon, the Silverback Perspective

Best of the 'Gest In celebration of the completion of our first year of publication, we are re-visiting some of our most memorable posts. This was originally published on October 17, 2020. How Did Belief Evolve? By Agustín Fuentes [Editor's note: If you are mystified by the chasm of reality that separates political groups these... Continue Reading →

Carbon Footprints

The Messy Truth About Carbon Footprints September 9, 2021 by Sami Grover How much attention should each of us be paying to our individual carbon footprint? That question is the subject of a contentious debate that’s been raging in climate circles for quite some time. In one camp stand folks like author Rebecca Solnit, whose... Continue Reading →

A Short Story by Ernest Hemingway … and more

"For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." The End, Ernest Hemingway In the tiny letter signed by Kafka, there was written :" Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end love will come back another way. ′′ from Wordsmith.org, forwarded by SB Bill (Hinesburg SBs): A.Word.A.Daywith Anu Garg glossolalia PRONUNCIATION:(glos-uh-LAY-lee-uh) MEANING:noun: Unintelligible utterances occurring... Continue Reading →

Tunbridge World’s Fair

SB Sandy and I will be going to the Tunbridge World's Fair on Thursday. It was cancelled last year. This video was made in 2009, twelve years ago, when my primitive videomaking skills were in their infancy. For reasons that I can't explain, we went through a period of two or three years when were... Continue Reading →

Best Meal of my Life … Truite au Bleu

1972 was a year that started out with such promise. Bradford College, both my wife Laura's alma mater and employer, announced a new program specializing in urban studies. They recruited and hired a Director who spent a few months formulating the curriculum. What he came up with is that the one-year program would be based... Continue Reading →

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