Branching Out

[Because there are many trees in The Jungle, their care and well-being is a subject near and dear to the Silverback heart. The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben is highly-recommended book that explores the rich and hitherto unknown complexity of how trees are connected to their family, community, and environment. SB SM] by... Continue Reading →

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Are Silverbacks Good Dads?

Evolution of the Dad Silverback Stephen Levesque with Silverbelle Rhaine on graduation day. Most male mammals have little or nothing to do with their kids. Why is our own species different? Lee Gettler is hard to get on the phone, for the very ordinary reason that he’s busy caring for his two young children. Among... Continue Reading →

Portland, Part 2

{Yesterday's post in Silverback Digest focused on the grimness of the homelessness scene. This article, from Reasons to be Cheerful, has a more positive message. And while this effort is positive and deserves praised, it is diminished by the overwhelming scale of the challenge. SB SM] Brittany ran away from home when she was eight... Continue Reading →

Portland, Part One

Tomorrow: A Different Side of "The City of Roses" My wife and I traveled, first time post-Pandemic, to Portland. As always, there were delightful aspects to the prevailing counter-culture. There are numerous tiny, free libraries for books, but this was the first time we had ever seen a "Free Fridge." Hungry? Help yourself. Hopeful, colorful... Continue Reading →

The Decadence of the New Veganism

Tomorrow: We're Going to Portland, OR! BY BRETT MARTIN PHOTOGRAPHY BY BLVXMTH Published on on June 10, 2021 Coalesce Goods St. RochChefs Jas Rogers and Alex Davis [On our recent trip to Portland, Oregon we stayed with my wife's son and partner who are newly vegan. They opened our eyes to the possibilities and pleasures of vegan... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow: The Decadence of the New Veganism By Rachel Sargent Mirus Picture a robin, out in the morning and hopping around the park. It finds breakfast in the form of a worm, but out of the nearby trees swoops a bigger bird. The bigger bird acts threatening, and the robin surrenders its worm like a... Continue Reading →

Silverbelle Deborah’s Two Homes

Tomorrow in the Digest: Kleptoparasitism Deborah McDermott The swans are back! I was not expecting them yesterday when I brought my book down to the banks of Lake Atedaun for a bit of sun and reading on a glorious, warm afternoon. Perhaps it was the tinkling sound of gravel under my foot, perhaps it was... Continue Reading →

Erin Brokovich’s Sunday Rant

Tomorrow in the Digest: Play loud, play fast, then get the hell off the stage. Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity Erin Brockovich The end of humankind? It may be coming sooner than we think, thanks to hormone-disrupting chemicals that are decimating fertility at an alarming rate around the globe. A new... Continue Reading →

Fading Rose

Tomorrow in the Digest: Ever Wonder What Erin Brockovitch is up to These Days? [Silverback J, that's all, just "J", of the Mendocino Bonobos is one of our most popular contributors. Remember the Elvis concert? Remember the Great Beer Caper? Encourage him to contribute more to the Silverback Digest by being wildly enthusiastic in posting... Continue Reading →

100 Rules from Ryan Holiday

Preview of tomorrow's Digest: "Fading Rose" by Silverback J (Mendocino Bonobos), one of the most popular contributors in The Jungle! [What do you call a Silverback who is too young to have grey hair? A Silverbuck. (counterpart is a Silverbabe). Ryan Holiday is a Silverbuck who seems to have accomplished way too much in his... Continue Reading →

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