Play Ball … A Blast from the Past

Part I - The Wrath of Irene [On August 29, 2011 Tropical Storm Irene pummeled Vermont. Central Vermont, full of steep Green Mountain foothills and rushing mountain streams, was overwhelmed, suffered its worst natural disaster since the Flood of 1927. Bridges and roads were washed out, trees and powerlines were down, and whole communities were... Continue Reading →

Standing Tall in the Jungle of Quincy!

Not one, not two, but three SilverHeroes appear on the courthouse steps in Quincy, MA to protest racism in the United States. Silverbelles Mimi and Cyndy are here, as is Silverback Mike all of the Post Island SB Troop. Biological Science Rejects the Sex Binary, and That’s Good for Humanity By Agustín Fuentes At the... Continue Reading →

Sister Act

[Silverbacks ... especially you guys ... you ever have fantasies about being in a shower with not one, but two beautiful Silverbelles who are young enough to qualify as Silverbabes? And these ladies sing like nightingales, albeit nightingales with the blues? Of course you have. Well, today I'm going to make your Jungle fantasies come... Continue Reading →

Sunbathing Birds

The Outside Story By Laurie D. Morrissey One cold spring morning, a turkey vulture soared across the sky and landed high in a tree behind my house. I soon noticed another vulture, most likely its mate, in a nearby oak. This one was perched with its back to the sun and its gigantic wings outspread.... Continue Reading →

Paul McCartney a Silverback? Damn Straight!

[Let's give this guy his due. He's been the greatest creator and performer for an entire generation. And he shows no sign of letting up. If that's not Silverback-worthy, then I don't know what is. Welcome to The Jungle, Paul. SB SM] from Variety, 5/16/2022 Paul McCartney’s ‘Got Back’ Tour Scores a Touchdown With Marathon... Continue Reading →

The Drama of Everyday

[Disclosure: Silverbelle C. Jane Taylor (Hinesburg SBs) is a resident of The Jungle and is an occasional contributor to Silverback Digest. And the publisher, SB Bill Schubart, also of the Hineburg SBs, is also a contributor. SB SM] Spirit Traffic is a remarkable book about the unremarkable. "Unremarkable" in that it's not about epic experiences... Continue Reading →

SB Jerry’s 5-inch Baculum Bone

Best of the 'Gest Silverback Jerry of the Quaker SBs responded to my birthday posting with this. (PS-- If you are ever at SB Jerry's house and he offers you a cocktail, ask instead if he has any beer SB SM) SB Jerry's 5-inch baculum bone "I hesitated to send this important piece of information... Continue Reading →

The Tales of J. … In The Beginning

by Silverback J. (Mendocino Bonobos) Once upon a love affair, a tiny tadpole swam. Or was it a pollywog? Tadpole, pollywog, what’s the difference? Anyway, it was very warm and very dark there where the tiny taddywog swam. Soft and warm and wet and dark. And there was no up or down or in or... Continue Reading →

More-on Publishing

[Regular readers of Silverback Digest know that I spend too many of my waking hours contemplating, and coming to no conclusion, about the true nature and role of publishing in our modern world. This is more of same. To publish is to "make information public." But, in a time of "alternative facts," "fake news," QAnon,... Continue Reading →

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