What’s the Point?

What’s the Point? True confession time. There’s a dirty little secret (I like to call it a “guilty pleasure.”) that I have hitherto not revealed on the pages of Silverback Digest. I am ... dramatic pause ... a reviewer. There, I’ve said it. Mostly I review restaurants, but I’ve also reviewed hotels, tourist attractions, what... Continue Reading →

How to Tell a Hairy from a Downy

The Outside Story By Lee Emmons On winter mornings, I often venture outside to photograph the assembly of birds that visit the feeders in my front yard. One of the regular visitors is the diminutive downy woodpecker (Picoides pubescens), which clings to my peanut feeder, takes a nibble of suet, or forages in the nearby... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of Everything

[The news of the James Webb Space Telescope seemed lost in the news around the holidays, but it's an event of no small significance, as it promises to give us a look at an event that occurred 13.8 million years ago. When I told this to SB Sandy, she asked, "Can it see everything in... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom from Dolly Parton

[I've made no secret of my love and admiration for Dolly Parton. She's right up there with LiZiqi and the ladies of Larkin Poe on the heartthrob scale. This is just a little tribute on the occasion of her 76th birthday. Sorry for the screwy formatting. I can't figure out how to undo it. SB... Continue Reading →

Wine Snobbery … a SB Rant

[I once attended a wine tasting at a fancy resort. The person running the tasting was filled with all those pretentious phrases that Silverback Larry references in his rant. The final, and supposedly best wine of the day was served. "Don't taste it yet!" commanded the instructor, "Swirl and sniff first."  After pausing a minute... Continue Reading →

Music to Tame the Savage Beast

[Let's be honest, as Silverbelles and 'backs we are dumb beasts living in a primitive jungle. I thought I could post some lovely classical music that you could enjoy with your morning coffee. As I tried to read this post and follow the links, however, I found myself wading through layer upon layer of pretention.... Continue Reading →

Image Week … One Year Ago

Best of the 'Gest A year ago we did an entire week of images created by Silverbelles and Silverbacks. Want to do that again? New Zealand, Stars at night. Silverback Sal (Post Island SBs) Relaxing on the River, Lisbon, Portugal, Silverbelle Sandy (Gilead Brook SBs) Watercolor, Silverbelle Nantzy (Mendocino Bonobos) Gracie's Beauty Salon, Silverbelle Charron,... Continue Reading →

Thank You for Giving Blood

[This is a picture of my dad, John Morris. He was a lawyer by trade, but he never practiced law, but chose instead to have a career with the American Red Cross, an organization perhaps best-known for administering local blood donating drives across the country. My mother, too, was a regular volunteer as a Gray... Continue Reading →

Buy Things, Not Experiences

[I don't think I agree with this. The guy makes a good point--that "things" can make richer experiences more worthwhile-- but it's still the experience that should be the goal. Here in The Jungle we can agree to disagree, but I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of other SBs on whether to buy... Continue Reading →

Getting Silly in The Jungle

[Watched the Evening News Lately? Maybe you'll agree that it's better to escape to The Jungle and have a few chuckles with your fellow apes. SB SM] SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) forwarded this one: One of my Yale classmates recommended the movie Idiocracy as a vision of the future. I have to admit that he... Continue Reading →

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