Grover Cleveland on the Comeback Trail?

[I haven't given Grover Cleveland much thought of late. Honestly, I've devoted more cranial capacity to marveling at what a complete ass Kanye West is, but that's my bad. Revisionist history is saying that maybe Cleveland was the rare politician who did something to right a wrong, to curb an injustice. Today's politicians seem to... Continue Reading →

Walking with Many Legs

[Have you ever wanted more legs? Nah, I didn't think so. Homo Sapiens? Been around about 200,000 years. Centipedes? About 400 million years. Who's still going to be here after we are gone? SB SM] By Rachel Sargent Mirus Grinning and giggling, my one-year-old son ran across the living room, only to trip over his... Continue Reading →

Best of the ‘Gest … Erotic Pastry

[From February 15, 2021. Today's post was a suggestion by SB Sal (Post Island SBs), who just happens to be Italian. Don't worry, this is from the BBC, so it's classy and cultured, not smutty and perverted. This story made me glad I married a Sicilian! These pastries are guaranteed not to have baculum bones.... Continue Reading →

More Pencil and Paper … Less Smart Phone

[More and more I've been noticing 'Backs and 'Belles around The Jungle holding sketchbooks. It's a healthy trend. Try it. SB SM] by Andrea Kantrowitz, author of Drawing Thought It feels as if we are living in uniquely precarious times. This has always been true, for some. Today, our lives and our children’s futures are... Continue Reading →

Late Bloomers

[Silverback Todd (Greenvest SBs) brought this to our attention, thinking that there might be more than one late bloomers out there in The Jungle. SB SM] Better late than never! Take it from these late bloomers who followed their dreams November 23, 20224:34 PM ET FIONA GEIRAN Listen to TED Radio Hour's Late Bloomers episode. When it... Continue Reading →

Fashion in The Jungle

[Silverback Digest selects subject that contribute to a real and caring world view. Occasionally, however, you do your own reality check by visiting a subject on the other end of the spectrum. Fashion tends to be a non-subject in The Jungle. We are naked apes; we are covered with hair. End of story. If one... Continue Reading →

The Real Thing?

Today's selection -- from Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca-Cola Capitalism by Bartow J. Elmore. As it grew to be a national and international company, Coke's future solvency was contingent upon the perpetuation of cheap sugar production: "Fortunately for Coke, there was lots of sugar available for purchase when Coke was first invented, as sugarcane fields cov­ered the tropical... Continue Reading →

John Denver … Silverback?

[The only "personal" connection I've had with John Denver was a friend of mine from Colorado who told me he was at a gas station in Colorado when John Denver rolled in, driving his Mercedes sports car. "It was weird," my friend told me, "The top was down and he was blasting his own music... Continue Reading →

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