Odds & Sods

Upcoming Theme Weeks announced for Silverback Digest: Week of March 8 ... "A Deep Dive into Dolly" Parton Week Week of March 15 ... Cutest Grandkid Contest (send your best pics) Week of March 22 ... Mud Season Special And in other News of the Jungle ... SB Todd's (Wall St. Silverbacks) son Craig will... Continue Reading →

Bobcats on the Go

The Outside Story By Susie Spikol There comes a time in every mammal mother’s life when her young leave. For some, this comes in a matter of weeks, for others it might be years. As I follow bobcat tracks through snow on a mid-winter day, dispersal is on my mind. My 18-year-old son is preparing... Continue Reading →

Wander of Wanders

Deborah McDermott Deborah McDermott is a recently retired newspaper journalist, and has spent a lifetime crafting and editing words for a large audience. She is asking your indulgence to follow her as she embarks on a new life in Ireland and Europe, and she is particularly interested in reaching older women and men who have... Continue Reading →

Scratching the Travel Itch … YES!

The editors of YES! Magazine have come up with some great ideas for matching your travels with your values. Share a meal in a local household. Eatwith.com and Mealsharing.comconnect travelers with people in host countries who love to entertain. Prices vary. Eight other guests and I recently paid $49 each, staying past midnight sharing food, wine, and conversation in... Continue Reading →

Lichens in Winter

Rachel Mirus In a February forest, evergreens provide welcome color. But look more closely on the bark of trees, both conifers and hardwoods, and you’ll find other bright hues, from sunny yellows to blue-greens. These are lichens, common but often overlooked members of the winter woods. Lichens have varied and intricate growth patterns, but with... Continue Reading →

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