Earth Day Every Day … Wednesday

Shades of Green As the once-publisher at Chelsea "Green" books and of Green Living Journal, a quarterly publication that explores "green" living, and the editor of the anthology The New Village Green, I have thought deeply on the meaning of green. What does it mean to be "green?" It's not a simple question and does... Continue Reading →

Earth Day Everyday … Tuesday

Mike McPhetres ... He Fixes Things by Stephen Morris In front of Mike McPhetres's Farm-All-Fix is a 1946 Farmall A that he loves to work on. "Originally, it was projected to have a 7 year life span, but it was so over-engineered that it's still running today, and with proper care and maintenance, it will... Continue Reading →

Earth Day Everyday … Monday

The Great Debate ... A Tale of Two Pea Fences [This is not an article about gardening. This goes to the very Meaning of Life. SB SM] Environmental decisions are never quite as cut and dried as they initially appear. “Paper or plastic” can still generate a lot of murkiness, especially when considered in the... Continue Reading →

Next Year in the Garden … Spring

Famous Last Words Famous Last Words Part I–Spring Next year in the garden I won't plant my seeds too early just because I am excited by a warm day in April. I will wear a long sleeve shirt while pruning roses, raspberries, and blackberries. I will open seed packets the right way so that they... Continue Reading →

Kevin Kelley’s YouTube

Silverbacks have met Kevin Kelley. He's been involved in the Whole Earth Catalog, Wired Magazine, and a whole roster of things in-between. The Digest featured his free newsletter Recomendo which features 6 cool recommendations on tools, technology, and lifestyle choices. This one such recommendation and it provides four rabbit holes that can provide hours of... Continue Reading →


The Outside Story Springs in Winter By Declan McCabe On a clear mid-winter day several years ago, my student Sarah Wakefield and I pulled on snowshoes, donned backpacks, and headed up through Smuggler’s Notch. Our destination was Big Spring, which rises from Mount Mansfield’s bedrock before flowing east for 100 yards and entering a culvert... Continue Reading →

Pirate Silverbelles

SB Steve writes: Silverbelle Beth and Silverback Steve. SB Steve wear tank tops and shorts April-November. "Last July 15th, (Stella’s Birthday) I was reinforcing to her that a woman can do anything and be anything the choose to be. Stella’s response was “They can’t be pirates.” Not wanting to say anything, I kinda just left... Continue Reading →

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