Snowy Owls

The Outside Story Suggested headline: Snowy Owls Irrupting By Meghan McCarthy McPhaul Word count: 835 Here’s a quiz for Harry Potter fans: What kind of owl played Hedwig in the movies? If you guessed a snowy owl, you’re correct. With their bright yellow eyes, bulky-looking bodies, and white feathers that cover everything from their beaks... Continue Reading →

A History of Gyms

Gustave Zander and the 19th-Century Gym As some of us squat, shove, and crunch our way toward new resolutions — while others arrive at the relieving conclusion that their Christmas kettlebell purchase makes for the perfect doorstop — we might wonder, with gratitude or suspicion, why and when gym going became such a widespread phenomenon. Long before... Continue Reading →

Journey to The Villages, Part 2

Larry and Carolann Find Paradise? by Larry Hunter, The Villages SBs The Villages are located in the middle of central Florida. We saw some promotional materials and set off to pay a visit to the self-dubbed “The Friendliest HomeTown.” As we passed through old Florida towns like Wildwood, Carolann turned to me and said “It... Continue Reading →

Journey to The Villages, Part 1

Last spring we followed the journey of Larry and Carolann Hunter as they left the frozen tundra of Minnesota in search of a tropical paradise. Eventually, their travels led them to Florida and The Villages. Best of the 'Gest Larry and Carolann set off in Pursuit of Paradise by Silverback Larry Hunter After over 30... Continue Reading →

The Wine Club

This is ridiculous, even by my standards. I like wine. I don't consider myself particularly knowledgeable, nor do I have a sophisticated palate, but I can distinguish between decent wine and swill. Also, I am very cheap. I describe it more as thrifty, a holdover from Scottish heritage and being raised as a hardscrabble Yankee... Continue Reading →


[I was a very grudging convert to becoming a fan of Garrison Keillor. I was jealous, because his book Lake Wobegone Days and my Beyonder Yonder came out in the same publishing season and were distributed by the same publisher. Beyond Yonder did just fine, but LWD became a best-seller. It's petty of me, but... Continue Reading →

Leon the Lobster

Note: Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of Silverback Digest. If you receive email notifications of new posts, you should click on the title of the post, or the photo, to go to the full display. Otherwise, you are just seeing something that might be affected by your specific email... Continue Reading →

Word Nerd … Lexophiles

“Lexophile" describes those that have a love for sentences such as, "You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish," and, "To write with a broken pencil is pointless."An annual competition is held by the 'New York Times' to see who can create the best original lexophile. This year's submissions: I changed my iPod's... Continue Reading →

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