15 Household Uses for Coffee

by Taylor Nutting The average American drinks three cups of coffee a day — that’s about 400 million cups of coffee consumed each day in the United States alone. For many, the morning ritual of brewing a hot cup of coffee is a necessity as well as a treat. But instead of creating landfill-bound waste... Continue Reading →

251 … Vermont’s Magic Number

From Halifax to Athens to Baltimore All in One Day and One State by Stephen Morris This is a story that deserves background music. As we turned off Vermont Route 10 onto the dirt road heading towards Baltimore, Vermont, our excitement was palpable. Despite the sizable snowbanks lining the highway, there was a bright sun... Continue Reading →

By the Numbers … Monday

[Have you ever noticed how many articles in magazines have a number in the title? We're going to do an entire week of them. These are the exceptions that prove the rule, as in The Jungle, we rarely work by the numbers. That's not The Jungle Way. SB SM] 6 Tips on How to Work:... Continue Reading →

Sunday Rant … Carbon Credits are a Scam

[We'd like to make The Sunday Rant, by guest contributors, a regular feature of Silverback Digest, but we need some good rants. Send forth your ideas or suggestions. SB SM] A Nonprofit Promised to Preserve Wildlife. Then It Made Millions Claiming It Could Cut Down Trees. by Lisa Song, and James Temple, MIT Technology Review... Continue Reading →

June, 2013 Truck Day to Duck Day

Sailboats in the Harbor This is the June summary of Boston's 2013. Things are heating up in Beantown. The Sox are still hot; the heat's on Whitey Bulger; and Aaron Hernandez adds some fireworks of his own. SB SM June 1 Boston sizzles in 94 degree heat. Meanwhile Plymouth, MA is without the Mayflower II... Continue Reading →

The Miracle of Baking Soda

[I always fall for these click-bait things, but then I get bored with them about a quarter of the way through. The original of this article was "40 Brilliant Uses for Baking Soda," but no one has the patience for that. Here's the point, the bottom line ... any problem you have in life- with... Continue Reading →

Branching Out

[Because there are many trees in The Jungle, their care and well-being is a subject near and dear to the Silverback heart. The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben is highly-recommended book that explores the rich and hitherto unknown complexity of how trees are connected to their family, community, and environment. SB SM] by... Continue Reading →

The Grillmaster Speaks

by The Grillmaster Deep, Philosophical Thoughts While Burning the Chicken Hello ... the Grillmaster here. For some, the lengthening days and warming temperatures mean the rebirth of roots and the call of the dirt. For me it means the sweet sound of sizzling flesh over open flames. Today I will open the mail bag and... Continue Reading →

Thomas Morton … My Kinda Guy

[My grandfather built a small summer cottage on Post Island, a community just south of Merrymount. Both communities overlook Quincy Bay and the islands of Boston Harbor. I spent the summers of my youth splashing in the waters and running through the salt waters marshes, so the associations in my mind are always of hedonism... Continue Reading →

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