Ralph Waldo Emerson … a True Silverback

Still Ahead of His Time Born 200 years ago this month, Ralph Waldo Emerson had some strange ideas about the natural world. Recent research suggests they might even be true Frederick Turner from The Smithsonian Magazine, May, 2003 "Hitch your wagon to a star," wrote Emerson, whose Concord, Massachusetts, residence (c. 1900) is now a... Continue Reading →

Foliage Report from Vermont

Dateline, Central Vermont: Time for a foliage report ... It was dry spring, a wet, warm summer, and, so far, a magnificent fall. No hard frost yet, a real anomaly. A banner year for tomatoes and all stone fruit. We've already made enough apple sauce to carry us through 2023. The leaves are turning and... Continue Reading →

Who Reads Silverback Digest?

You are only as good as the company you keep, right? The ranks of Silverbacks are primarily self-selected. As a group I would describe them as super-cool, compassionate, humble, highly intelligent, unquestionably good-looking, fun, courageous, sexy, sensitive, and furry. Our core group of Silverbacks swells on an almost daily basis by denizens of the blogosphere... Continue Reading →

Turn Off Your Lights

The Perils of Bird Migration By Brett Amy Thelen One morning in early autumn, I was running errands in downtown Keene, New Hampshire, when I was stopped in my tracks by a flash of yellow. Crouching down, I found a gorgeous, palm-sized bird, olive above, with a belly as gold as sunshine. It was a... Continue Reading →

The Van Goghs

Best of the 'Gest Each Saturday from now on, we will digging into the Silverback archives to revisit and update some of the Best of the 'Gest. From left to right, Bill Gannon (lead singer), Stephen "Step" Morris (rhythm guitar), Greg Morrison (lead guitar). My professional music career ended in 1966, when I left the... Continue Reading →

Touring the Ancient Celtic Jungle

D & T’s saoire den scoth (excellent holiday)! by SB Deborah, published on her site wanderofwanders.com I actually welcomed my first visitor from the states in September, lo these 14 months since moving to the ould sod in the middle of a pandemic! My intrepid brother TJ braved two airports and mass transportation on either... Continue Reading →

“Enjoy Every Sandwich”

The recent post on Warren Zevon triggered a variety of colorful Silverback responses. Here's a sampling of what was heard around The Jungle: Silverback Mike (Post Island SBs) writes: "What a tortured, torturing and talented being! More balance, care and less alcohol etc. Might have been a happier, more creative mix. Still 2 of most... Continue Reading →

The Salad Queen

Today's selection -- from Coming to My Senses by Alice Waters. The famed proprietress of Chez Panisse reminds us that simple is better: "In the early 1970s, I went to the South of France and fell in love with mesclun, a mix of young salad greens that you really couldn't find anywhere outside a forty-five-minute radius of Nice. I... Continue Reading →

Silverbacks Dads

Did Dads Evolve? By Elizabeth Preston This article was originally published at Knowable Magazine and has been republished under Creative Commons. Lee Gettler is hard to get on the phone, for the very ordinary reason that he’s busy caring for his two young children. Among mammals, though, that makes him extraordinary. “Human fathers engage in... Continue Reading →

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