White Wedding in Itsoseng #7: Brewing Beer

Posted on March 21, 2015 on jplund.wordpress.com . [JP Lund was my freshman year roommate in college. We recently reconnected via the blogosphere. I tried piecing together a narrative to give context to the characters and events, but then decided that JP's pictures and words were context enough to depict the universal quality of beer. Itsoseng... Continue Reading →

Ancient Beer

Florencia Juárez Marrades by TOMÁS DEAGUSTINI 9.28.21 This article originally appeared on VICE en Español. For some, recalling the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic brings to mind the dense, rich smells of sourdough bread and kimchi. With time on their hands and nowhere to be but home, the world’s quarantined masses turned to fermentation. Life One cook whose interest predates the pandemic... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Beer Week

The Great Beer Trek … An Introduction [Every five or so years I remember that I was on the forefront of people realizing that American beer was in need of a drastic overhaul. As the old joke, best told by an Englishman, goes: "How is American beer like making love in a canoe? ... both are... Continue Reading →

Touring the Ancient Celtic Jungle

D & T’s saoire den scoth (excellent holiday)! by SB Deborah, published on her site wanderofwanders.com I actually welcomed my first visitor from the states in September, lo these 14 months since moving to the ould sod in the middle of a pandemic! My intrepid brother TJ braved two airports and mass transportation on either... Continue Reading →

The Salad Queen

Today's selection -- from Coming to My Senses by Alice Waters. The famed proprietress of Chez Panisse reminds us that simple is better: "In the early 1970s, I went to the South of France and fell in love with mesclun, a mix of young salad greens that you really couldn't find anywhere outside a forty-five-minute radius of Nice. I... Continue Reading →

Silverbelle Virginia

At 101, she’s still hauling lobsters with no plans to stop By PATRICK WHITTLE and ROBERT F. BUKATY Published in apnews.com, September 16, 2021 Virginia Oliver, age 101, works as a sternman, measuring and banding lobsters on her son Max Oliver's boat, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021, off Rockland, Maine. The state's oldest lobster harvester has... Continue Reading →

Chickpeas? … Really?

Best of the 'Gest Silverbacks like to eat well, so it's no surprise that we periodically focus on our nummies. This post on chickpeas explores on a simple foodstuff that has surprising, and delighful, versatility. Since sampling chickpea ice cream, we've also enjoyed chickpea pasta and puffed chickpeas. So far, however, no chickpea bananas. Originally... Continue Reading →

The Travel Itch

Best of the 'Gest One of the missions of Silverback Digest is to be a source of cultural critique and discovery. We were born in Pandemic, and we remain in Pandemic, but our readers have found new and novel ways to travel the globe. Photo courtesy of Silverbelle Deborah, our Irish ex-pat correspondent. Originally published... Continue Reading →

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