Pleasures of the Pandemic

Silverback SM Guilty Pandemic Pleasures Stephen Morris The pandemic is one of those experiences that we'll be telling our grandchildren about, but since both of my grandchildren are less than two years old, it probably won't have much impact. The toilet paper shortage, people drinking bleach, flattening the curve, checking the daily scorecard ... it's... Continue Reading →

Earth Day Everyday … Monday

The Great Debate ... A Tale of Two Pea Fences [This is not an article about gardening. This goes to the very Meaning of Life. SB SM] Environmental decisions are never quite as cut and dried as they initially appear. “Paper or plastic” can still generate a lot of murkiness, especially when considered in the... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Thursday

You met Silverbelle Rhaine last November when SB Sandy and I delivered a socially distanced birthday cake. Rhaine, now 24, is completing her first year at Boston College pursuing a Master's in Clinical Social Work. To help financially with her education she worked last year on a commercial crab fishing boat in Alaska where she... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Tuesday

[Why a full week on scrambled eggs? Two reasons. Scrambled eggs was (were?) the one and only dish that my father ever cooked. He would make them for us on weekend mornings. His technique, and I use the term loosely, was to turn the heat on a little too high and put too much butter... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Monday

This Is How You Get the Best Scrambled Eggs [This week we explore the world of scrambled eggs. Meanwhile, this will be a more interesting week in the Jungles if Silverbacks and 'Belles share their own scrambled secrets. Little known scrambled eggs fact: when Paul MacCartney came up with the melody for Yesterday , he... Continue Reading →

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