Wander of Wanders

Deborah McDermott Deborah McDermott is a recently retired newspaper journalist, and has spent a lifetime crafting and editing words for a large audience. She is asking your indulgence to follow her as she embarks on a new life in Ireland and Europe, and she is particularly interested in reaching older women and men who have... Continue Reading →

Scratching the Travel Itch … YES!

The editors of YES! Magazine have come up with some great ideas for matching your travels with your values. Share a meal in a local household. Eatwith.com and Mealsharing.comconnect travelers with people in host countries who love to entertain. Prices vary. Eight other guests and I recently paid $49 each, staying past midnight sharing food, wine, and conversation in... Continue Reading →

If you find Mesmerism, Mysticism, Drugs, and Sex appealing …

Babylon Berlin is For You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV202fHfAnQ TV SERIES : FOREIGN FILM HIGHLIGHT A recommendation from Silverbelle Mimi (Post Island SBs) For an intriguing and atmospheric trip to the Weimar Republic in the wild and sexy 1920's, head to my favorite foreign series,Babylon Berlin. The series opens with a mystery and solving crime is the ostensible... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Contributors!

(Next week we will be focusing on reviewing and making recommendations. We'll be publishing short reviews on TV Shows, movies, music, podcasts, websites ... in the words of Marlon Brando "whaddya got?" What's enriching your world these days? Share it with you hairy fellow denizens of The Jungle! Send them to me via email. or... Continue Reading →

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