Best of the ‘Gest … Erotic Pastry

[From February 15, 2021. Today's post was a suggestion by SB Sal (Post Island SBs), who just happens to be Italian. Don't worry, this is from the BBC, so it's classy and cultured, not smutty and perverted. This story made me glad I married a Sicilian! These pastries are guaranteed not to have baculum bones.... Continue Reading →

Jungle Cup

[Remember the poster of Elvis, wearing a sneer and a gold-lame suit, with the words "74 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong?" That's how I feel about the World Cup, currently underway in Qatar. I know it's a sports spectacle, and I like sports spectacles as much as the next gorilla, but something about it... Continue Reading →


Alive in the Flapping of Infinite Orange Wings Monarch butterflies’ epic annual migration from North America to Mexico inspires an anthropologist to reflect on this insect’s precarious life cycles through the lens of “multispecies ethnography.” By GIDEON LASCO 1 NOV 2022 Gideon Lasco is an anthropologist and a physician based in Manila, the Philippines. He obtained his... Continue Reading →

An Oft-Told Tale

A Dark History of the World’s Smallest Island Nation A combination of greed, colonial mismanagement, and gross incompetence has brought Nauru, once dubbed ‘Pleasant Island,’ to the brink of collapse. Since the early 1900s, Nauru has lost at least 80 percent of its original vegetation. By: Peter Dauvergne       Lying between Australia and Hawaii, the... Continue Reading →

Fort Worden

[We visited Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA on a crisp, fall morning. It's now a State Park, but during WW II it protected Puget Sound from attack by the Japanese. No combat action ever took place there. Now it still stands sentry over the entrance to the sound, but the guns are gone, replaced... Continue Reading →

William Shatner on Earth

[William Shatner has always been an easy guy to make fun of, mostly because he seemed to enjoy making fun of himself. Take a look at his spoofing cover of Elton John's Rocket Man. I heard him interviewed on Public Radio recently, however, and he actually seemed to have learned some lessons from his 90+... Continue Reading →

The Economics of Garlic

The Economics of Garlic (It's official ... my garlic for 2023 is now in the ground, patiently waiting for next spring. Meanwhile, the 2022 crop will continue to nourish and inspire us even as the earth is frozen. SB SM ) by Stephen Morris Photo by Nick Collins on There are lots of reasons... Continue Reading →

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