Your Sunday Rabbit Hole

We Will Not Destroy This List of Lists Jane Marie publishes a newsletter that's available of You can subscribe by clicking on the link below. It used to be that you could while away your Sunday mornings with the crossword puzzle or sports page. Now all it takes is your phone and an endless... Continue Reading →

Noel Paul Stookey … Solid Citizen

[Never expected to be posting something from Fox News, but this interview with Noel Paul Stookey steers well-clear of partisan politics. A tip of the hat to SB Jerry (Quakerbacks) for sending to us. It fits in nicely with our Tales of the Tunes theme this week. SB SM] Published on Fox News, May 10,... Continue Reading →

Wimoweh … the Epilogue

[The focus this week is how the creative work of Solomon Linda was exploited by numerous music industry sharks over many decades. Linda definitely performed the first version that was recorded, but does that mean he necessarily created it? Perhaps it was a traditional chant for hunter or ceremonial celebration. Several of Bob Dylan's best... Continue Reading →

Wimoweh … Follow the Money

[This is Part III of as series based on a story written by Rian Milan the appeared in the May 25, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. Editor's note: This is a much longer than usual post for Silverback Digest, and most people probably are not interested enough to read the whole piece. It appears... Continue Reading →

Wimoweh … Enter Pete Seeger

This story by Rian Malan was originally published in the May 25, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone. Pete Seeger, on the other hand, was in a rather bad way. He was a banjo player living in a cold-water flat on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village with a wife, two young children and no money. Scion... Continue Reading →

Brown Creepers: Denizens of the Bark

By Lee Emmons On certain afternoons, if I time it just right, I may spot a brown creeper (Certhia americana) on the trunk of a tree in my front yard. Moving stealthily, almost imperceptibly up the tree, the brown creeper hunts for food amongst the bark. I watch this avian mission with a sense of... Continue Reading →

The Woodchucks Guide Mycorrhizal Fungi

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Ron Krupp, who is the author of “The Woodchuck’s Guide to Gardening” and “The Woodchuck Returns to Gardening.”  and is working on his third Vermont garden book called, “The Woodchuck’s Guide to Landscape Plants and Ornamentals.”  Dr. Rich Bartlett, the head of the UVM Plant and Soil Science Department,... Continue Reading →

No Remorse

[Don't forget, next week will be devoted to "The Tales of the Tune." If you have one to contribute, let me know. SB SM] Here's a personal Tale of the Tune: On February 9, 1964, my sixteenth birthday, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I bought a used Harmony guitar and spent the... Continue Reading →

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