Cool Hand Luke … a true Silverback

[Paul Newman has been on our minds recently. We watched Ethan Hawke's documentary, then The Color of Money, Slapshot, and The Verdict. James Dean died and someone had to move into the role as runner-up to Marlon Brando. Enter Newman. He was a flawed human being, but a pretty damn good movie star. For us,... Continue Reading →

Saving the Mona Lisa

Photo by Markus Winkler on [As much as we think we live in dramatic times, there are other moments the history of homo sapiens that hold valuable lessons for us in the species gorilla gorilla. SB SM] Today's selection -- from Saving Mona Lisa by Gerri Chanel. After World War I, the staff of the Louvre became... Continue Reading →

The Prank at THE GAME

[Everyone knows that THE GAME is not THE EVENT that the people participating in it make it out to be. But, reality aside, it's still can be cool in its own pointy-headed, effete, nattering-nabobs-of-negativity-kinda way. In 2004, for instance, Yale pulled off a prank that has set a new standard for nuttiness in college football... Continue Reading →

A Question of Color

[Silverbelles and Silverbacks are very provoked by this question. Should these statues be colored, or is that blasphemy? SB SM] Vol. 41, No. 3 / November 2022 Dispatch November 09, 2022 06:00 pm Installation view of “Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color,” on view through March 26, 2023 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photo: Anna-Marie Kellen, Courtesy of... Continue Reading →

The 12 Best Music Podcasts

[I am increasingly listening to podcasts, although I am finding the world of podcasts increasingly difficult to navigate. There has been an explosion in podcast content. The best exlanation for this comes from my favorite podcast, the BlindBoy, who says that corporate media are investing heavily investing heavily in podcast content in anticipation of the... Continue Reading →

The Snowpants Rule

[Every issue of Green Living contained a Publisher's Page in which I tried to sound like a mature, adult-like person, not the eternal adolescent who brings you the Silverback Digest. Wearing my publisher hat, I always try to sound like a fellow who in another era would smoke a pipe. SB SM] by Stephen Morris... Continue Reading →

Visions of The Jungle

[Big News ... Part 3 of Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera has now been published. Now, back to the silliness. SB SM] Here are two very different takes on what it means to be a resident of the contemporary Jungle. Could there be more contrast. A minute or so of the Carrie Underwood Jungle will give... Continue Reading →

Garrison Quotes

[Garrison Keillor sends me his columns two, or is it three?, times a week. They're not as good as they used to be, but I'm willing to cut him some slack. Hey, the guy's over 80, and his output is still impressive for both quality and quantity. The columns are still engaging enough, and usually... Continue Reading →

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