Rick Hannon, Soundscape Designer

[Silverback Steve Shepard of The Natural Curiosity Project, our podcasting partner, has just posted his interview with Rick Hannon. It's well worth 12 minutes of your time. SB SM] Writes Steve: "I first ran across Rick Hannon's work when I purchased his album, "Dusk to Dawn on the Camas Prairie." After listening to this extraordinary... Continue Reading →

Universe 25

[We know it in our bones. Something weird is going on with the species, just as something weird is going on with the climate. However, "what it is ain't exactly clear" (tip of the hat to Stephen Stills). This experiment of Universe 25, apparently scientifically valid, presents a horrifying indication of what might be happening... Continue Reading →

Remem-boring Thanksgiving

[These memories date from the 1950s. SB SM] What do you remember of Thanksgivings of yore? I remember it, above all else, as being the most boring day of the year. Here's why: There are no other kids to play with. Everyone else has gone over the river and through the woods to their grandmother's... Continue Reading →

A Turkey Day Playlist

[By way of The Amplifier, by way of the New York Times, by way of Lindsay, by way of SB Bill (Hinesburg SBs). Happy Thanksgiving to every ape in The Jungle! Oo-oo!! SB SM] Dear listeners, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, so today’s playlist is all about gratitude, family, and … food. Heaps and heaps... Continue Reading →

1000 Male Leaders

[Another excerpt from my never-to-be-published memoir, Extra-Ordinary. SB SM] Of all acts of the parental experience, none is as poignant as dropping a kid off at college. The fruit of your loins is now fully on his/her/ or their own. Is there any acknowledgement or moment of appreciation? Never. There was no welcoming fanfare as... Continue Reading →

Dog versus Cat people

[Suggested by SB Babs. The world is divided into two distinct groups of people. People who love the Grateful Dead/People who hate the Grateful Dead; people who toast their marshmallows/people who burn their marshmallow; Yankees/Red Sox; toilet paper towards the wall/toilet paper away from the wall. And the list goes on. SB SM] by Zoe... Continue Reading →

Funny Stuff #2

Merriam-Webster has this neat website that shows you the first time a word was used in print. In one column, we’ll give you some words and, in the other, we’ll give you years. Your job is to match the word to the year it was first used in print. Words AmbulanceBridezillaOligopolyPrototypeArtisanalWokeness Years 155218951825201119951939 (answers below) Thanks to... Continue Reading →

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