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Silverbacks are wild mountain gorillas native to the highlands of Central Africa. They are mature, dominant males who can be ferocious, cuddly, adorable, protective, and wise. They are also endangered. They are distinguished by the silvery fur on their backs.

Silverbacks of the Homo Sapiens variety are similarly diverse and endangered. Here are a few representative Silverbacks:

Wait a minute … Bonnie Raitt is not male. Let explain …

The Silverbacks, originally the Silverback Film Society, was started as a group of guys in central Vermont who gathered sporadically to watch a film, drink some beer, and discuss the state of the planet. We lived in a mythical “jungle” where we could briefly escape the “real” world to be in touch with our animal selves. The Pandemic brought this to a screeching halt, and left a void. The Silverback Digest was created to fill the void.

In rethinking what it means to be a Silverback we came up with four governing principles:

  • We will remain true to our Silverback roots.
  • We will be virtual.
  • We will be global.
  • Women will be welcome.

Let’s be honest. Having a guys-only night once every few weeks during a Vermont winter is fine, but life without women? Don’t be ridiculous. But they obviously can’t be called “Silverbacks,” hence “Silverbelles” was born.

This site serves Silverbacks of all types, varieties, and flavors by providing materials to entertain and enlighten. Our reason for being is to amuse and to entertain.

To see what’s happening in the Jungle, go to http://www.silverbackdigest.com

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