Is a “Sweet Tooth” Genetic?

[In honor of Valentine's Day, we're devoting this entire week to the subject of sweetness. SB SM] An anthropologist explains the evolutionary origins of why so many people seem practically programmed to love sugar. By STEPHEN WOODING 4 JAN 2023 THE SWEETNESS OF SUGAR is one of life’s great pleasures. People’s love for sweet is so... Continue Reading →

Rodenticides, Are They Safe?

The Outside Story By Anna Morris Last autumn, around the same time I was laying the winter quilt on our bed, my cat became very interested in the space beneath the kitchen sink. Unsurprisingly, a mouse was huddled down there, seeking shelter in the warmth. Though I was sympathetic, and all wildlife is welcome in... Continue Reading →

It’s Deja Vu, all over again

[Why, as a species, do we keep being stupid in the same way? Wouldn't you think that after our ruinous fling with nuclear power we would ask "Duh, what happens if we run out of lithium? Duh, what do we do with the used batteries once they are depleted? Duh, how do we maintain our... Continue Reading →

Natural Curiosity

Dr. Steve is a natural Silverback! This podcast is a balanced, straightforward presentation of scientific and historical information, presented with just the right seasoning of personality. Too many podcasts produced by the corporate media world substitute sound effects and forced laughter to create engagement. Steve does it the old-fashioned way, by finding interesting information and... Continue Reading →

A Cup of Java

[Do you enjoy your Silverback Digest while sipping your morning coffee, reheated in the microwave after sitting overnight in your unwashed cup? I do, thank you very much. SB SM] When Coffee Is Like Angel Cake With Strawberry Jam An anthropologist delves into the rarefied ritualistic world of specialty coffee, where highly trained brewers and... Continue Reading →

Grammar Snobs in The Jungle

English in the Real World REVIEWS [The Jungle is filled with language snobs who single-mindedly police the proper pronunciation and nuanced usage of the universal "Oo-oo." In real life my go-to linguist is a professor at Columbia University named John McWhorter, a prolific and entertaining writer who really helps you understand how languages evolve. I... Continue Reading →

A Robin’s Winter Habits

The Outside Story By Anna Morris One January day, my husband and I set off on a walk around our neighborhood. The temperature was a bone-chilling negative 19 degrees, and although we worked to get our blood pumping, our fingers and toes eventually revolted. As we turned back toward the warmth of home, I spotted... Continue Reading →

It’s All About Sex

The Real Meaning of Groundhog Day BRYAN PFEIFFERFEB 1Chasing Nature is Bryan's excellent newsletter. Subscribe by clicking the link. American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) / © Bryan Pfeiffer THOSE OF US watching the world unfold here in North America can ignore the usual nonsense of Groundhog Day. A rodent, of course, can no sooner predict... Continue Reading →

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