The Snowpants Rule

[Every issue of Green Living contained a Publisher's Page in which I tried to sound like a mature, adult-like person, not the eternal adolescent who brings you the Silverback Digest. Wearing my publisher hat, I always try to sound like a fellow who in another era would smoke a pipe. SB SM] by Stephen Morris... Continue Reading →


Alive in the Flapping of Infinite Orange Wings Monarch butterflies’ epic annual migration from North America to Mexico inspires an anthropologist to reflect on this insect’s precarious life cycles through the lens of “multispecies ethnography.” By GIDEON LASCO 1 NOV 2022 Gideon Lasco is an anthropologist and a physician based in Manila, the Philippines. He obtained his... Continue Reading →

More on Maritime Cybersecurity

[Steven Shepard actually knows what he is talking about, in contrast to me, SB/SM, who has 0 credentials in the field of maritime cybersecurity. SB Bill (Hinesburg SBs) passed along the recent post on the subject by Silverback Digest to Dr. Steven D. Shepard who happens to have written a book on the subject. Both... Continue Reading →

Oh Boy … something new to worry about

[You know what a major cable disruption would mean? No daily Silverback Digest! SB SM] MATT BURGESS published by via NOV 2, 2022 The Most Vulnerable Place on the Internet Underwater cables keep the internet online. When they congregate in one place, things get tricky. THE ASIA-AFRICA-EUROPE-1 INTERNET cable travels 15,500 miles along the... Continue Reading →

An Oft-Told Tale

A Dark History of the World’s Smallest Island Nation A combination of greed, colonial mismanagement, and gross incompetence has brought Nauru, once dubbed ‘Pleasant Island,’ to the brink of collapse. Since the early 1900s, Nauru has lost at least 80 percent of its original vegetation. By: Peter Dauvergne       Lying between Australia and Hawaii, the... Continue Reading →

Pests and Firewood

[It's that time of year. SB SM] How to Prevent Spreading Pests Through Firewood By Jen Weimer For many of us, this season involves hunting, gathering, and preparing for a long, cold winter. This often includes stacking (or restacking) the firewood that’s been seasoning while we enjoyed the laid back warmer months of summer. Humans... Continue Reading →

Pictures of Lili

Today's selection -- from Goddess of Love Incarnate by Leslie Zemeckis. Lili St. Cyr: Lili St. Cyr "Lili St. Cyr was born with the conventional and somewhat uninspired name of Marie Francis Van Schaack. Eighty-one years later her death certificate would identify her as Willis Marie Van Schaack. No matter. The world knew her as Lili St. Cyr;... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Cadence

[You won't find me listed in their yearbook, but I have been accorded the privilege of being an honorary member of the Mount Saint Joseph Class of 1964. If the MSJ folks updated their yearbook today, they would point to Mark Treanor as being one of their most illustrious members. Here's what some reviewers on... Continue Reading →

How to Build a Home that Lasts a Thousand Years

WrathOfGnon’s Newsletter Tradition in the building arts explained the long way around WrathOfGnon Sep 12, 2022 © Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Untitled (Laying the Foundations of the Lycian Room, the British Museum), 1845, George Scharf Sir Roger Scruton famously said “Put usefulness first, and you lose it. Put beauty... Continue Reading →

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