Seinfeld & Rock

[Personally, I have never found Jerry's show about cars, coffee, and comedy to be either interesting or funny. It's too self-conscious. Don't get me wrong ... I like Jerry well-enough. He can be perceptive and amusing. Same with Chris Rock, a brilliant guy. Don't miss his most recent special on Netflix called Selective Outrage, a... Continue Reading →

The Hip Bone’s Connected to the …

[I was there ... Newport 1965, when Dylan came out with his electric guitar. Half the crowd cheered, half booed. As the rhythm guitarist of the fabulous Van Voghs, Rhode Island's own Beatle wannabees, you might think I would be raising my fist in triumph. Nope, I was among the naysayers who thought that Dylan... Continue Reading →

Long Ago … and, oh so far away

[It was a September Saturday, fall but still summer. The leaves were turning, but the sun was shining brightly. It was a day when you could live forever. It was 1969, or maybe '68 ... doesn't matter. I, and my college classmates and our we, were lolling about on the green of Morse College (one... Continue Reading →

Black Swans … On Nina Simone’s elegant belligerence

Black Music and Black Muses February 27, 2023 by Harmony Holiday There’s a thrashing quality to Nina Simone’s virtuosity— It extends beyond her sensibility almost violently, in sudden bursts and languid retreats. Her tonal palate is where vulnerability and vengeance meet and stare one another down until either sentiment cracks and unburdens the other. She... Continue Reading →

Name that Tune

The "Most Annoying Song Ever Made" ... Nominate Your (Least) Favorite!! Red Rubber Ball? ... Sugar, Sugar? ... Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ...? MacArthur Park? ... Little Red, Rented Rowboat? What popular song drove you crazy, in all the wrong ways. Here's your chance for revenge. What's the most annoying song ever to hit the airwaves?... Continue Reading →

OK …Which One of You Left the Cake out?

If Susan Horton is driving around and hears a DJ announce: “Now, we’re gonna play a block of songs written by Jimmy Webb,” she might shed a tear because the songs are literally the soundtrack of her life.  Webb noted that he wrote “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” about his break-up with Susan,... Continue Reading →

Pseudocide, It Ain’t No Crime

Greg: Cassandra and I trekked back to Vermont the next weekend. Cassandra and I had thrown ourselves into research and had learned a lot. I told them: "What you've done has a legal name ... pseudocide, like suicide, but with your identity, not your body. You see it mostly in insurance frauds, or when someone... Continue Reading →

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