Del Shannon Week … Thursday

Here's a timeline of my life intersections with Del: 1934 (Dec. 30) Del is born in Coopersville, MI as Charles Weedon Westover 1948 (February 9) Stephen is born in Milton, MA as Stephen Hunter Morris 1961 (February 18) Runaway is released, reaches #1, sells 9,000,000 copies, also releases Hats Off to Larry which climbs to... Continue Reading →

Del Shannon Week … Monday

[I have a long, rich, and complicated history with Del Shannon. Doesn't sound possible, does it? I will publish it in pieces this week. By the way, did you know that he wrote I Go to Pieces? Most people, most normal people, that is, say just one word when you mention Del Shannon ... "Runaway."... Continue Reading →

The Power of Hope

[This is one of those Facebook things, but since it was posted by a friend who is also a doctor, I thought it was worth checking out. And ... it's a real study. So, I will continue in my quest to become a rock star, because I've always wanted to turn my back on fame... Continue Reading →

The Real Stormin’ Norman

[Norm Zamcheck, The Real Stormin' Norman, is a college classmate who I knew only by reputation during our bright college years on campus. In recent years I've come to know him from participation in alumni events. The information in this post is lifted, with permission, from his website There's also plenty of good material... Continue Reading →

Moulty … Don’t Turn Away

For reasons that I don't understand and can't explain I receive a daily email from that answers a question, usually about music trivia, that I didn't ask. I give it a glance and either delete or follow it down the rabbit hole. Today's question was "What band was made famous by its drummer? The... Continue Reading →

Beyonder Week … Sunday

(This week I am recycling some humor columns that I wrote for the Vermont Sunday Magazine in the 80s and 90s. I'm not sure why I thought I was a funny guy back then. SB SM) MY CAREER IN SHOW BIZ (Hi, Jim!) Every so often life imitates art in a delightful way that is... Continue Reading →

Beyonder … Friday

FIFTY CRUMMY BANDS [For several years I wrote a bi-weekly humor column for the Vermont Sunday Magazine, at that time the largest circulation daily in the state. Eventually these were collected into a book called Tales and more Tails of Beyonder, that being the name for this region of Vermont that is "not close to... Continue Reading →

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