What to do this Weekend

[Thanks to SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) for reminding there's still time to go. SB SM] I will not go to burn the man! I will not go to burn the man! I shall not, will not, although I can. I have no interest in this desert party, Even though I like all things arty. I... Continue Reading →

Silverback Dave

[Silverback John (Mendocino Bonobos) was the bearer of some sad news, the passing of Dave Smith. His obituary appears below. I feel that I've been fortunate to spend my life doing felt to me like meaningful work: selling woodstoves to people woodstoves to keep them warm, publishing books on sustainable living, publishing information for "friends... Continue Reading →

Casey at the Bat

From yesterday's Writer's Almanac: It's the birthday of poet Ernest Thayer, born in Lawrence, Massachusetts (1863). He went to Harvard, where he studied philosophy with William James and wrote for the Harvard Lampoon. After graduation, his fellow Lampoon writer William Randolph Hearst convinced Thayer to come to San Francisco, because his father, George Hearst, had bought the San Francisco Examiner and almost... Continue Reading →

How Do I Love Dolly … Let Me Count the Ways

Best of the 'Gest from March 9, 2021, the first of an entire week of postings on Silverbelle Dolly Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com From Dolly's Wikipedia page: In 1990, the American Eagle Foundation entered into a multi-year corporate partnership with the Dollywood Company and cooperated with them to develop Eagle Mountain Sanctuary at Dollywood... Continue Reading →

Ebb Tide

[Images from SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) taken at the lowest tide of the year. I find these images as amazing as anything from the Webb Telescope. How about that albino nipple inside the everything bagel? Good job on these, Silverback John. You've raised the bar for other Silverbacks! SB SM]

Silverbelle Bonnie

Bonnie Raitt poses for a portrait in August 1971 near Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. (Photo by David Gahr) [One time in the early 1990s, I went to meet with my client Real Goods Trading Corporation in Ukiah, CA. The president of Real Goods was John Schaeffer, now better known as SB John of the Mendocino Bonobos. He... Continue Reading →

Survival, Anyone?

Is the world looking stupid to you? Does humanity appear to be in a race towards the bottom? Are you tired of reading about which billionaire is having an affair with which billionaire's wife? Do you care about the most recent outrageous celebrity indulgence? Are you fascinated by increasingly bizarre, inexplicable human behavior? Here's my... Continue Reading →

Best of the ‘Gest …The Dig

[originally published on February 2, 2021] Going to the movies is different these days. At 5:30 pm on January 29, we (Silverbelle Sandy and moi, Silverback Stephen) were just finishing our nightly cribbage game (she won) and were about to launch into our nightly dual discussion of "What do you want for dinner?" and "Do... Continue Reading →

The Jungle Down Under

Australia’s revenge! from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Suggested by Silverbelle Kate (Hinesburg SBs) 4 Jul 2022 RICHARD GLOVER Richard Glover presents the “Drive” show on ABC Radio Sydney. He’s a former news editor and European correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald. In recent years, American parents have been noting a startling change in their children: Some... Continue Reading →


Theodorus Gerardus Jozef Jansen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈteːjoː ˈjɑnsə(n)]; born 14 March 1948) is a Dutch artist. In 1990, he began building large mechanisms out of PVC that are able to move on their own and, collectively, are entitled, Strandbeest. The kinetic sculptures appear to walk.[2] His animated works are intended to be a fusion of art and engineering. He has said that "The walls between art and engineering exist only... Continue Reading →

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