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[It’s been a lovely spring. A bit on the dry side, but not so much that anything is burning up. On the vegetable front, I have had a difficult time getting seeds to germinate. The cause of this eludes me … the dryness?, the seed source? (Baker Heirlooms), personal incompetence (most likely). The status as of July 1 … garlic, onions and other alliums, excellent; brassicas (broccoli,etc), meh; sativa (lettuces), ok; curcubits (squashes, cucumbers), yuck.

There will be lots of blackberries. Apple trees are resting this year. There will be some pears, but far from a bumper crop. No woodchuck yet. All-in-all, a “C” for veggies.

On the other hand, it’s been the best flower year ever, with peonies leading the way.

The bees have arrived, the hay is cut, summer has arrived. The corn is knee-high for the Fourth of July. For the moment, the livin’ is easy. Gin & Tonic season is officially declared open. SB SM]

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  1. Same in Maine as far as I can tell. Only huge bumper crop we are harvesting right now is tourists! Wish it was corn instead. I find myself counting the days until Labor Day and it’s only the 2nd of July! Happy summer gardening!

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