Local News … Garden Update

[It's been a lovely spring. A bit on the dry side, but not so much that anything is burning up. On the vegetable front, I have had a difficult time getting seeds to germinate. The cause of this eludes me ... the dryness?, the seed source? (Baker Heirlooms), personal incompetence (most likely). The status as... Continue Reading →

The Parsonage

Becoming an Airbnb Stephen Morris published originally in Green Living Journal, Summer, 2019 Last Spring we stayed with Ron and Elke at their White Rose Inn in Thousand Oaks, California. They let us pick tangerines and lemons from their citrus orchard and gave us insider tips on our visit the next day to the Reagan... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas Eve!

painting by Barbara Stevenson This is Sandy and Stephen standing in our garden in back of The Parsonage as depicted in a miniature painting by artist Barbara Stevenson. GINGERBREAD … THE SWEETEST SMELL OF CHRISTMAS by SB Sandy (Gilead SBs) The comforting scents of Chrismas – a freshly cut tree, smoldering logs in the fireplace,... Continue Reading →

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