Thank You, Contributors!

(Next week we will be focusing on reviewing and making recommendations. We’ll be publishing short reviews on TV Shows, movies, music, podcasts, websites … in the words of Marlon Brando “whaddya got?” What’s enriching your world these days? Share it with you hairy fellow denizens of The Jungle! Send them to me via email. or put them in the Comments or Leave a Reply section at the very bottom of this post.)

A Tip of the Hat to all the generous and creative contributors to our Image Week and Week of Memoirs:

Should we do it again!

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Contributors!

  1. Hi Stephen:

    After formatting correctly all week, this morning’s images are weirdly distorted – tall and narrow ……



    1. Thanks for letting me know. It’s a specialized block that’s called a “stacked gallery,” but it must not translate accurately to all platforms. I appreciate the feedback, John!

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