Gorilla Gets Monoclonal Antibody Therapy For COVID-19

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(Thank you to Silverbelle Janis (Stonington SBs) for bringing this to our attention)

January 25, 20216:52 PM ET (from NPR)

One of the eight gorillas in the troop at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California. Some of the gorillas contracted the coronavirus this month. One of the older gorillas received monoclonal antibody therapy as part of his treatment. Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo Global

Dustin Jones

A gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, Calif., underwent monoclonal antibody therapy after contracting COVID-19 this month.

Winston, an elderly silverback gorilla, and several of his troop members tested positive for the coronavirus after they had symptoms such as mild coughing. Veterinary staff, concerned about Winston’s age and underlying medical conditions, performed a diagnostic examination on him, a zoo statement said. He was found to have pneumonia and heart disease.

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