Al’s Other Bikes

Before we stray too far from SB Al’s custom, vintage eBike, let’s see some of the others in his collection.

His partner, Silverbelle Vance Smith, counts among her many design credits, the Defiant Woodstove made by Vermont Castings.

Defiant Wood Burning Stoves by Vermont Castings

While in Pandemic mode, Vance made some Christmas ornaments from Styrofoam balls and pushpins

They look very festive, like they just leaked out of the laboratory in Wuhan.

The attention to detail is quite impressive.
She is a formidable Silverbelle.

One thought on “Al’s Other Bikes

  1. Does that picture indicate Bernie’s ultimate support of Trans voters/citizens?
    Also we had that exact Defiant dsigned by Vance (color and dragons too) for years and really enjoyed it. Since our flood renovatiions we have gone gas with a remote = easy and enjoyable.
    Hats off to Al for his inventiveness!

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