Image Week … Thursday

Swallowtail, Silverbelle Sandy (Gilead Brook SBs)
Left Coast #4, SB John (Mendocino Bonobos)
Camel’s Hump,Silverbelle Lara (Super Silverbelles)
Blue Hydrangea, Silverbelle Carolann (Villages SB)
World-renown biologist E.O. Wilson poses in his Harvard office with an oversized ant sculpture and a replica of a saber-toothed tiger scull, 1994. Staff photo Jon Chase/Harvard News Office
New Zealand, Silverback Sal (Post Island SBs)
Heavenly Bodies, Silverbelle Charron, Virginia Beach SBs
Rebuilding Post Island, Silverback Stephen (Gilead Brook SBs)
Wood Turtle, Silverbelle Adelaide (Northern Woodlands SBs)
Street, Silverboak (Mile High SBs)
Lighthouse, Silverback Ron (Muskegon SBs)
The Great Confluence 12/23/2020, Silverbelle Charron, Virginia Beach SBs

One thought on “Image Week … Thursday

  1. Great to see all these colorful images during our slightly bleak landscape time, missing green views

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