A Monday Meander

Anderson Cooper is NOT a Silverback, and it has nothing to do with him being gay. Rather it’s due entirely to his dip-shitty mugging for the camera.

Because it takes place during a Christmas party, Die Hard totally counts as being a holiday movie. This film always strikes me as being better than the script deserves. The sets are fantastic, the escalation of events is dizzying, and it is hard to imagine anyone else besides Bruce Willis pulling off John McClane. It is a quintessential action film, chockfull of both flippant humor and explosions. Alan Rickman’s performance and the presence of Carl Winslow (Reginald Vel Johnson) make it a must-see. (Contributed by SB Whitney)

Contributed by SB J of the Mendocino Bonobos:

“The Elvis who appeared in the University of Toledo Centennial Hall Saturday was a pudgy middle-aged man whose mumbled lyrics and feeble attempts at pelvis thrusts were a parody of the first. But if you missed all three, folks, you didn’t miss much. And while he had a guitar hung around his neck for a couple of songs, he’s quit pretending he can play it. It just sat there for a couple of songs, like much of the audience. The only standing ovation he got was when he quit singing.”

review in the Toledo Blade, 1977

Another holiday music selection from SB Jake

Contributed by SB Jerry (Quaker Troop of Silverbacks)

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties. Don’t let this you. This squirrel has just eaten too much fermented fruit.

3 thoughts on “A Monday Meander

  1. “Hans, bubby.” Die Hard, Shawshank Redemption, A Few Good Men, The Godfather — at least one of these so well scripted gems are on some cable station at any given moment. So this sort of escape entertainment that never gets old is always available.

    1. Yo, Stephen. Did our Hanukkah on Zoom (like T-giving). Trying to stay safe. Not traveling. Nearby river doesn’t freeze, so fishing couple times a week. Lots of reading etc. Daughter, RN on a COVID ward in Denver, got her 1st vax Friday. Other kids mainly working from home. Miss the grandkids. Trying to be patient. You and yours stay well and have a happy and festive holiday season. Hope to see you in 2021.

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