Holiday Chatter in the Jungle

When he’s not making automatons, crazy bikes, or building pizza ovens, Silverback Ron builds cigar box guitars. I’ve bought five of them!

He also sends along to SBs everywhere his holiday wishes and this video:

SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) sent a gift of a bottle of this year’s crop, Sunhawk Olive Oil. If it’s as good as past years, it’s a treasure used exclusively for salad dressings in this household.

SB Jerry (Quaker Silverbacks) has written a review of the book A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell. He gives it five stars as does my harem queen, Silverbelle Sandy. She’s going to add a few comments to Jerry’s review.

SB J (also of Mendocino Bonobos) has submitted an essay entitled “Winter Solstice” which is about a process that none of us know anything about … Aging! You’ll, you’ll cry, you’ll shoot yourself. I’ll publish it in the next couple of weeks, but I can’t resist including one cartoon that made me laugh out loud.

SB Mike (Post Island Silverback Troop) tells us the story behind the tune that he wrote about the day after Christmas. You’ll read about it … guess when?

This publishing venture is definitely more interesting and enjoyable when there is a chorus of gorilla voices. Keep ’em coming, denizens of the jungle.

Meanwhile, the Morris Clan is on a virtual vacation planned by SB Hanna (Brooklyn Hipster SB Troop). Here was our first stop.

Writes SB Hannah: Our first stop is as close to the North Pole as we’ll get: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland, the northernmost region in Finland. Here, we’ll stay in individual glass igloos so we can watch the Northern Lights as we fall asleep. Enjoy the sauna and sleep well, my friends, for new adventures wait for us tomorrow! 

In 2016 SB Sandy and I were in Lisbon for the holidays. It proved to be a very festive place to celebrate. Here are the “sounds of the street.”

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