SB Jonny Heads West … Official Snack for Lizfest Announced

[Sunday posts are re-posts of previous entries that were made when the Digest was just getting started. Jon is originally of the Central Vermont Silverbacks, a film society, and he is now in Salt Lake City where he is recruiting new members for what he hopes will be the Brigham Young Troop of SBs.]

But first, a little Holiday cheer:

The Thin Man is a hugely successful 1934 comedy-mystery that kicked off no less than four sequels. The leads, a married pair of socialites named Nick and Nora, figure out the whodunit while ribbing each other and drinking enough martinis to melt a snowman. Christmas serves as the background, but its post-Prohibition frivolity looks toward the parties of New Year’s Eve. The dinner party scene at the end is a classic of the genre, with the cast of suspects hamming up their parts. The plot barely matters, as it’s Nick and Nora that carry the picture with their sparkling repartee.

And here’s a tune (contributed by SB Jake:

And … on to Bologna Bowls and SB Jon:

And the choice is …

Bologna Bowls!

In case you missed the official announcement, longtime Silverback Jon announced that he, Silverbelle Pam, and Silverpup Jazz will be taking their talents to Salt Lake City where they will be concentrating on grandparenting. But the have promised to return in the spring. Hopefully they can maintain their SB credentials by keeping up with the Silverback Digest and attending occasional watch parties. (They will be on the road for the Lizfest.

In honor of SB Jon we are declaring the Bologna Bowl the official snack of the Lizfest Here’s the recipe:

SB Jon’s Bologna Bowl Recipe

Wonder Bread
  • Take a slice of white trash bread (preferably Wonder Bread)
  • Spread it with your favorite condiment (French’s yellow mustard from a squeeze tube is great, but Miracle Whip will work)
  • Add a slice of bologna (whatever’s on sale)
  • Add a slice of American cheese
  • Top with halved pimento olives
  • Place under broiler until cheese begins to brown

Silverbacks from coast to coast wish SB Jon, SB Pam, and SP Jazz a safe journey and a wonderful winter.

Watch Party for Lizfest 7 pm, Wednesday, November 18

More info available from

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