Holiday Season Begins in Jungle

We’re sliding towards the solstice. We’re in lockdown. It’s frigid outside. You know what that means … it’s time for the party to begin!

We’ll be doing some usual Silverback posts for the next few weeks, but we’ll also be including a lot of holiday material, none of it specifically religious, as this is a time for people of all faiths to prepare themselves spiritually for the coming months of winter.

And food. Any festive holiday has its own version of a feast. Loosen your belt buckle and dig in!

We also have a great selection of tunes, courtesy of SB Jake Morris of Fun Financial.

So, get in the spirit. It’s time to go out and play in the snow:

One thought on “Holiday Season Begins in Jungle

  1. How do you do it, step? It just gets better and better. Thanks for brightening up the end of this difficult year. Will have a wild Saturday night with this page. Happy solstice

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