Odds and Sods

Correction: SB Steve of the Post Island Silverbacks (aka MrBeGood) points out that the devastating nor’easters were in 2018, not 2017 as stated. You’d think I could remember the year in which my own home was destroyed.

Mr. Be Good himself (in blue)

Lizfest update: Keep those YAY, NAYS, or MAYS coming. We now literally have sign-ups from coast-to-coast for this first-ever event. Remember Woodstock? This will kinda be like that. Even if you just drop in for a few minutes, you are welcome.

SB Alec, who will be at the Lizfest has selected this as his inspiring music video of the week:

Speaking of Aretha … she’s the subject of a documentary called Amazing Grace that is reportedly wonderful. Anyone want to take on the project to figure out how we could build a watch party around that? Here she is with another classic Silverbelle, Carole King, singing what could be the theme song for this year’s Celebration of Celluloid Silverbelles

From Nigerian TV, interestingly. What a world we live in.

Lizfest Watch Party Tomorrow

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