The Beantown SBs

We traveled down-and-back to Boston on Sunday, November 8, just before new travel restrictions were put in place. Will this be our final Joy Ride of 2020? I think not.

The trip was entirely Silverback-driven. The first destination, Post Island, USA is a hotbed of Silverback activism, with 6, count ’em 6, ‘backs and ‘belles in a tiny community of fewer than100 residents. Our second stop in Boston proper, was to deliver a birthday cake to Silverbelle Rhaine, who is currently our youngest member.

A bit grueling due to the long drive, but a spectacularly beautiful day and the rare chance to say “Oo-oo” to new Silverbacks.

Have you replied Yay, Nay, or May to the Lizfest yet? 7 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 18

2 thoughts on “The Beantown SBs

  1. Hi Step & Sandy, Love the video. I’m not trying to break critical, but, the Nor’Easter was 2018, not 2017. Glad the girls had a nice meeting. Cake looked awesome, as I’m sure it was. You can see the resemblance between Rhaine & Sandy. Must be tough being in college with all this virus stuff going on. Keep up the Silverback Digest, trust me is good! Might not be able to do the Lizfest, but have fun. Stay safe, Be good, Steve & Bethy

    Bethy’s been having pancakes just about every 3rd morning!

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  2. Thanks for this correction. I should have known to fact check with you first. I’ll send the Lizfest link in case you want to check it out, but no worries if you can’t do it.

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