Boston Accent

[My apologies in advance for this sloppy journalism, but I can't remember how this crossed my desk, but I threw it in a bucket for future use. Luckily, I've trained my readers not to expect the highest standards from me. MY FAVORITE BOSTON JOKE: A man arrives at Logan with a short layover. He loves... Continue Reading →

Truck Day to Duck Day, 2013

The Red Sox of 2021 may have folded like a TV tray table, but not so the unforgettable Sox of 2013 who continued to fulfill Boston's date with destiny. Is this guy scary, or what? September 1Tim Tebow among 13 cut by the Patriots. Era over before it begins. Peavy throws seven strong against former... Continue Reading →

Truck Day to Duck Day … August, 2013

Koji Uehara becomes relief pitcher extraordinaire August 1 John Henry, owner of Red Sox, launches solo bid to buy Globe after group bid fails. Once again, baseball merges with reality. Sox climb back into first with Drew's walkoff hit in 15th. This is becoming a broken record, a wonderful broken record. August 2 Death toll... Continue Reading →

June, 2013 Truck Day to Duck Day

Sailboats in the Harbor This is the June summary of Boston's 2013. Things are heating up in Beantown. The Sox are still hot; the heat's on Whitey Bulger; and Aaron Hernandez adds some fireworks of his own. SB SM June 1 Boston sizzles in 94 degree heat. Meanwhile Plymouth, MA is without the Mayflower II... Continue Reading →

The Beantown SBs

We traveled down-and-back to Boston on Sunday, November 8, just before new travel restrictions were put in place. Will this be our final Joy Ride of 2020? I think not. The trip was entirely Silverback-driven. The first destination, Post Island, USA is a hotbed of Silverback activism, with 6, count 'em 6, 'backs and 'belles... Continue Reading →

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