Tawkin’ Bahston

Celebrities think it’s wicked funny to imitate the Boston stereotype and talk in a Boston accent. Well, I’m from Boston, and here’s my idear of a Boston joke: A guy lands at Logan and has a two hour layover … just enough time to get his favorite food, fresh-caught Boston scrod. He dashes out of the terminal, grabs the first cab, and says “Take me somewhere where I can get scrod. The cabbie puts the car in gear and says, “Forty years driving a cab an’ dat’s the first time I ever hear anyone use the past, pluperfect subjunctive!”

Take it away, celebs:

Say what you will about Tom, but he’s no Nomah or Big Papi. One last Boston joke: A hockey fan from Boston dies and goes to heaven. He’s pleased to see skating rinks everywhere, all crowded with folks having a great time playing hockey. But he notices a rink with one single guy skating around frantically chasing a puck. Puzzled, he looks at a nearby angel who explains “Oh, that’s God, but he thinks he’s Bobby Orr.”

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  1. Love this, cousin! Sorry we didn’t make it to the party..glad you both did! Don loved it!

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