Yup, today’s the day!

You could hear the drums in the jungle early in the morning … today’s the day of the first Annual (well, maybe … maybe not) LizFest, the Beginning of the Silverback tribute to celluloid Silverbelles.


Just click on this link at 7 pm EST and you will be able to enter our LizFest Watch Party. Here’s what you should do in advance:

  • If possible, connect your device to your television. Otherwise, watch on your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Get your favorite food/beverage.
  • Invite everyone in your household.
  • Never forget the 1st Rule of the Jungle … THERE ARE NO RULES

Come and go as you please. Drop by and say a quick hello. Look up Liz Taylor trivia. Tell a knock, knock joke, practice throwing your bra at the screen … whatever.

Lurkers welcome!

Illustration by Vance Smith from “The Book of Heat”

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