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[I don’t know who these people are, but they all found and signed up for The Silverback Digest on a single day. Welcome to the Jungle! SB SM]

Jamie Lin is thegastronomygal.com

Hey there!

I’m Jamie and I’m here to share my love for food and travel with all others alike. I live by spontaneity and simplicity, enjoying each day of my openness to new experiences. I currently study nutrition/dietetics and have a deep appreciation for food science and the art behind food.

While I cook all types of food, I place an emphasis on baking, and healthy/alternative recipes! Creating recipes allows me to utilize my creativity and craft dishes that are appealing to the eyes.

As you can see, food is extremely important to me, and basically to anyone in the world, as it can bring people together easily. Besides constantly eating, studying, or exercising, I enjoy travelling and am lucky to be able to do so. I am a major adrenaline-junkie and would 1000% go sky-diving or paragliding.

Hi, I’m Jason Richie

…and I spend too much time rummaging through online photo archives. When I find incredible shots, I want to know more about the subject. I want to know its story. I had the idea that I would learn something about the fabulous photos I see and include it here. I post only images from the public domain or available under the equivalent Creative Commons License 0.

Sample image

Sometimes we forget that we’re dealing with humans,
humans just like us.
Complex being with emotions and dreams,
battling through fears and heartaches.
Battling wars in and out of their homes, in and out of their minds.
We forget that behind closed doors we all cry the same, and probably for many of the same reasons.
Behind that same door, we love.
We love quietly as to not scare it, because, like us, it’s fragile.
We have desires and aspirations, we have wants and needs, but sometimes all we need is to know that we’re not alone.

Gabriela is the astronomicalpoet.com

I hope that on this Tuesday, we can be a bit more kind and understanding. A bit more loving to our fellow humans, because 2020 has been a rollercoaster. Many of us battling so many internal fights, that a simple loving gesture could change someone’s day for the better. Let’s be better humans. Happy Tuesday.

Gabriela A Tejada

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