News from around the SilverWorld

Silverbacks and ‘belles from coast to cost were very busy over the Halloween weekend:

The Post Island chapter was especially active. Here SBs Mike, Cyndy, Mimi, and Sal attend a Poetry Snow Slam:

Just around the corner SBs Steve & Beth proved that, in addition to being creative and artistic, great apes are inventive and generous. Here they debug their socially distanced trick-or-treat deliver system. No animals were harmed in the creation of this product or video!

Now … what to do with an 11 foot PVC pipe?

Meanwhile, in Hopland, CA SB John and family held a Memorial Bonfire for Jesse Schaeffer, which was highlighted by a flyover by a golden eagle.

An equally rare wildlife sighting occurred in the chilly Vermont jungled when SBs Stephen and Marcus encountered a third member of their own troop! Much excited chest beating, stick-throwing, and oo-ooing followed:

Left to right, SB Stephen, SB Marcus, SB Jon

A short discussion was held to discuss possible parameters for the upcoming film season. Stay-tuned for an announcement later this week.

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