Poetry … Silverbelle Susan

The Train To Edinburgh by Susan Reid At first we all stood, held upright by our bags, working to not lean on strangers, packed too tightly to truly succeed. As the countryside whipped by backwards, we grabbed the metal hand holds on the curves and wondered how our feet and backs would hold up. We... Continue Reading →

Eli Lampwick

[Who is Eli Lampwick, and why is he sending me poems? Any clues from fellow Silverbacks? SB SM] A Polished Stone A poem is just a polished stone, Something molten and original, Before the spinning gathered thought Circling a vagrant center, Before the turning of a mind, Before a word was spoken, Sedimented in the... Continue Reading →

The Cruelest Month

English majors around the planet are sometimes required to memorize the first eighteen lines of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Little did I think that over 50 years later I would still be reciting them. Occasionally, you just let the images to speak for themselves: https://youtu.be/9_mCVz0OykI

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