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[From time to time I will re-purpose a post from The Silverback Film Society, Gilead Brook Road Troop. And before anyone castigates me for being homophobic, I will point out that the characterization of Bye-Bye Birdie as “the gayest musical ever” was made by SB Bennett, whose husband, SB Chef Tom, created the dessert pizza. SB SM]

4/13/16 … Bye-Bye Birdie

It started as a normal Silverback gathering.


But then SB Jon showed, smirk on face, to show off his Poutine Pizza. It had chili, gravy, French Fries, cheese curds, jalapenas, road kill, more gravy and god nose what else. Who helped you lift that out of the oven, Jon? This was a heart attack waiting to happen … but it tasted really good. A truly inspired contribution, relegating Bologna Bowls to the role of quaint nostalgia.


Next, Fledgling SB (FSB) Tom, a one-time Vermont Chef-of-the-Year, arrived with with a dessert pizza … a shortbread crust, laden with chocolate, creme fraiche, and bacon.


This prompted cries of “Unfair! Ringer! Pseudo-Silverback!” But we unanimously agreed that we would at least sample his creation.

These submissions were followed by first time HTB (hope-to-be) Silverback Tom, who brought all the fixins of a healthy pizza, but then polluted them, to resounding cheers, by adding yet more bacon.


SSB Stephen’s planned Elvis Pizza (peanut butter, banana, and … yes, bacon) was put on hold until we do a repeat viewing of Speedway, meaning–permanent hold.

We then settled in to watch a film selected by FSB Bennett, Bye-Bye Birdie,  who assured us of two things:

  • Bye-Bye Birdie  is the gayest musical ever made.
  • The opening number with Ann Margaret is so provocative that the Silverbacks would cancel the upcoming mating season.

That ain’t gonna happen.

The Aftermath of pizza night at the Silverbacks:

The movie? It was anti-climactic. It was pretty gay. It’s easy to see why Bobby Rydell’s movie career went nowhere. He had his moment, however. He’s a Silverback now.

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  1. Hi Step,
    Pizza’s looked awesome, then again all pizza usually does.
    Looks like you were a victim of “AutoCorrect”/ god nose?
    Keep up the great work.

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