Mud Season Tuesday … Ya Never Know

Welcome to Mud Season. People get ugly just after town meeting. You still haven’t lost the weight from the holiday. You still can’t get out to exercise. The town report came out and listed YOU in the delinquent tax payer column. And the road between your house and the paved road has turned slimy and... Continue Reading →

Another Baseball Story

(If Bonobo Boy J gets to tell a story of his glorious men's softball game past, then I get one, too. Here’s the story as it appeared in the vacation edition of The Herald of Randolph in July, 2017. SB SM) Sprague’s Dairy vs. the Guy Wilson Agency:The Day the Baseball World Stood Still Author’s long-winded introduction:Memoirs... Continue Reading →

Universe of Two

Rated: A double-thump, and 5 out of 5 Oo-oos by Silverback Jim (Enjoy Yourself Silverbacks) What a pleasure for the reader to see an already fine novelist grow and get even better with his skill and commitment to excellence. Vermont author Stephen P. Kiernan’s past works were fine, much more than competent novels, but his... Continue Reading →

A Novice Grows his First Pot

[Reefer Madness or Green Living? This article, a year old, describes my maiden voyage growing pot. The irony is that, having grown it, I don't really enjoy consuming it. Give me a green salad any day. SB SM] A Novice Grows his First Marijuana There's a saying that "when the world ceases to satisfy, there's... Continue Reading →

The Ta Ta Weenie Club

Review by SB Alec of the Central Vermont Silverbacks The Ta Ta Weenie Club is a sockdolager in the storytelling tradition, a collection of rollicking tales that made me whoop and laugh. [Editor's note: For others who had to look it up, a "sockdolager"is a powerful thing, or person] To borrow a phrase from author... Continue Reading →

Silverback Classic

[From time to time I will re-purpose a post from The Silverback Film Society, Gilead Brook Road Troop. And before anyone castigates me for being homophobic, I will point out that the characterization of Bye-Bye Birdie as "the gayest musical ever" was made by SB Bennett, whose husband, SB Chef Tom, created the dessert pizza.... Continue Reading →

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