In praise of Carl Russell

[Gilead Brook Road lost one of its premier Silverbacks recently with the passing of Carl Russell. Carl was a husband, a father, a farmer, a selectman, a friend ... the list goes on ... a teamster, a leader, a steward, and a poet. I don't know anyone who appreciated his place on the planet as... Continue Reading →

We’ve Lost a Beloved Silverback

A loved, respected, admired, gentle, kind, and all-around awesome Silverback has left us for that greater Jungle in the sky. SB Derrick (Gilead SBs) was both the ultimate SB, but also the quintessential Vermonter. What makes a quintessential Vermonter? Well, he has to be a dairy farmer. And he has to prefer Jerseys over those... Continue Reading →

Ya Never Know … Mo’ Mud

Best of the 'Gest ... Welcome to Mud Season. People get ugly just after town meeting. You still haven’t lost the weight from the holiday. You still can’t get out to exercise. The town report came out and listed YOU in the delinquent tax payer column. And the road between your house and the paved... Continue Reading →

Mud Season

Mud Season in Vermont this year has been described as "biblical." We haven't experienced the worst of it, because we are "Frippin Out" (see yesterday's post), plus we live on the stretch of Gilead Brook Road that is paved. This fellow set out on his four-wheeler to experience the season first-hand. You may want to... Continue Reading →

I Could Hardly Keep from Laughing

Stephen Morris, published originally in The Herald: Serving the Communities of the White River Valley Since 1874, February 24, 2022 New Book of Humor Features Artwork of Brookfield's Hooper The story goes ... Mark Twain appeared in Brattleboro for an evening of storytelling and mirth-making. He spoke for over two hours without provoking so much... Continue Reading →

A Novice Grows his First Pot

[Reefer Madness or Green Living? This article, a year old, describes my maiden voyage growing pot. The irony is that, having grown it, I don't really enjoy consuming it. Give me a green salad any day. SB SM] A Novice Grows his First Marijuana There's a saying that "when the world ceases to satisfy, there's... Continue Reading →

A Vermont Boyhood in Happy Valley

Memoir Tells Story of Vermont Boyhood in Happy Valley by Stephen Morris Retired English teacher and Randolph Center resident Alec Hastings has just published a memoir, but he's quick to establish "It's not a story about me." Called Cap Pistols, Cardboard Sleds & Seven Rusty Nails the book celebrates growing up in a rural area... Continue Reading →

Beyonder Week … Monday

[For several years I wrote a bi-weekly humor column for the Vermont Sunday Magazine, at that time the largest circulation daily in the state. Eventually these were collected into a book called Tales and more Tails of Beyonder, that being the name for this region of Vermont that is "not close to anything, but not... Continue Reading →

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