Film review … Across the Universe

[This is a "Best of the 'Gest" entry, but I can't figure out how to reverse the type over the image. SB Alec wrote this review/reminiscence in 2016, and it was published in the Digest in 2020. His current project is his recollection of a Vermont boyhood. With the debut of Peter Jackson's Beatles trilogy,... Continue Reading →

Freaks, Part 1

Tomorrow, see SB Jon's own Freaky Photos "I first saw this film at Marlboro College in 1967, where it was shown on Hallowe’en! I loved the film, which has had cult status for the few people who have seen it. I’ve compiled the following excerpts, taken verbatim from the sites I’ve linked, in a story... Continue Reading →

Silverback Classic

[From time to time I will re-purpose a post from The Silverback Film Society, Gilead Brook Road Troop. And before anyone castigates me for being homophobic, I will point out that the characterization of Bye-Bye Birdie as "the gayest musical ever" was made by SB Bennett, whose husband, SB Chef Tom, created the dessert pizza.... Continue Reading →

Rotten Tomatoes? Hardly

Rotten Tomatoes rates movies and Silverbacks watch movies. Whew ... this saves me from coming up with my own list The Silverback Film Society (Gilead Brook Troop) is a collection of human silverbacks that meets periodically during the winter months. The are governed by an inviolable set of rules: You are allowed to talk... Continue Reading →

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