Who is Thomas Marban, and Why is He Being so Nice to me?

Every day I open my inbox, and there it is … Briefingday from Thomas Marban.

Thomas Marban … Geek and proud of it!

I must have signed up for this, somewhere, but in the words of Rodgers’s and Hart’s “who knows where or when?” It’s a curation of 12-20 stories and features on the web that I might find interesting … and usually, I do!


A daily selection:

How to Launch a Nuclear Weapon
Why Did Matt Drudge Turn on Donald Trump?
Is America in Decline?
Op: The Lockdown Must End
EU Asks Bezos Whether Amazon Spies on Politicians
It’s Getting Better and Worse at the Same Time
Posters That Changed the World – In Pictures
What Can Body Language Analysis Really Tell Us?
The Last Honey Hunter
Why Driverless Cars Have an Emissions Problem
Contrariwise: More Is Not Better
How AITA? Created a Medium Place on the Internet
The Business of Fame: 1920-2020
A Few Rules
AMA With Earthquake Experts
The Shinkansen Is Hitting a Speed Bump
How Hops Became the Star of American Brewing
A Personal View of the Urban Landscape
Southern France Digs Out From Devastating Flash Floods
KK: The Future of the Quantified Self
WWII Steamship May Hold Lost Russian Treasure
Wikipedia: Burned House Horizon
YT: Survival Shelter Ideas
The Rise of Modern Grocery Stores
Car Sculptures by Benedetto Bufalino
Home Alone Mask
Spooky Trick or Treaters?
Please Enable Images

“ Face masks are an easy solution, and I’m deeply distrustful of easy solutions to complex problems—The Swedish Covid Experiment

“ Uighurs have had their DNA collected, their voices recorded, and their walking gaits filmed and put on file. It all feeds into perhaps the most comprehensive dataset covering any population on earth— Returning the Gaze

“ Whether it’s sniffing Syrah or performing calculus, the acquisition of expertise makes parts of the brain thicker— How to Change Your Mind Over a Glass of Wine

Bikes I: Not Your Averge Commute

Bikes II: Tour De France Throughout the Years

And, by the way, here’s the best version ever of Where or When.

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