Red Sox Fans … Don’t Despair

The Splendid Splinter was for many years the only things for Red Sox fans to feel good about

2013 did not promise to be a very good year for Red Sox fans. They finished last in their division in 2012 and would be playing under rookie manager John Farrell. Before the season even got rolling, the bombing of the Boston City Marathon on Patriot’s Day put the city in a state of high alert.

But, come October, the Sox would be crowned as World Champions in a tumultuous season that featured high drama, not only at Fenway, but throughout Beantown. From Whitey Bulger to Aaron Hernandez to David Ortiz, it all seemed to be happening in Boston. Here’s a link to Boston’s October of 2013.

Mike Napoli, drunk, shoeless, and smoking a cigarette, leaves Daisy Buchanan’s after the Red Sox win the 2013 World Series.

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