More-on Publishing

[Regular readers of Silverback Digest know that I spend too many of my waking hours contemplating, and coming to no conclusion, about the true nature and role of publishing in our modern world. This is more of same. To publish is to "make information public." But, in a time of "alternative facts," "fake news," QAnon,... Continue Reading →

Podcasts in Trouble

[ The Blindboy is the most listened-to independent podcaster in Ireland, and has more than one million listeners worldwide. He can make sense out of some of the most confusing things about modern culture. I highly recommend him. He claims that corporate media are investing in podcasts in anticipation of a boom in demand for... Continue Reading →

Why is Silverback Digest Not on this List?

by Mark Frauenfelder, editor at Recomendo (You can reach Mark at to tell him that he missed the boat on Silverback Digest. The links in the article take you to Substack, where you can read a sample copy of these newsletter before committing to a subscription.) I publish The Magnet on Substack, which occasionally sends its... Continue Reading →

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