Mull of Kintyre

[Everyone's a bit Beatle-crazed these days. Part of it is because of the release of Peter Jackson's 7 hour documentary, but part of it is because we all know that the dream of this era is going to end. George is gone; John's gone; Ringo just turned 80 ... Paul's still going strong. I always... Continue Reading →

Throat-Clearing, or Great Clearances

[This is the first chapter of my long-awaited auto-biography, Extra-Ordinary. When I published the Preface a few weeks ago, a clamor arose from the collective throats of Silverbacks, Silverbelles, Silverbucks, Silverbabes, and Silverpups saying "We must have more!" I'm lying, of course. When I was a traditional book publisher I learned about "throat-clearing," the portion... Continue Reading →

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