Silverbelles and ‘backs … Let us hear from you

SB Jon (Brigham Young SBs), the gamblin’ man, shared with us his letter to Santa:

“Dear Santa:
By this time next year, and especially in three years, the America we loved will be
unrecognizable to you and to us. I could list a hundred reasons why, but what’s the point? The
horse is out of the barn, and there is no getting her back in. As the English say, “mustn’t
grumble.” So I want you to help me shrink my world. I’m not a high flyer anymore. I’m more like
the Greek goddess Aergia who tiptoes outside for a minute or two and then says fuck it, on her
way to a nap. What’s happening to this country is nothing new. In fact it has happened to every
civilization since the dawn of man. The difference being that we are also obliterating the chance
of sustained human life on the planet. But no worries. If there is a will to fix it, we will. If there is
not, we won’t. The planet will survive, and the micro-organisms that remain need presents too.
Santa will never die!
You slipped a book in my stocking a few years back called “Sapiens.” Basically any community
of humans numbering more than a few hundred will eat itself, as we are now doing. So where is
the wellspring of hope?
Get smaller. Grab your family, and friends, and dogs, and random kind people into your orbit,
and fade all the rest. That is my goal for next year and beyond.

One thought on “Silverbelles and ‘backs … Let us hear from you

  1. Although 2021 continues to assail us with pestilence and political tomfoolery I must confess that it, and the previous few years, continues to be a musical watershed, dare I say renaissance, for me.
    Oh, that this had taken place 50 years ago, but some of us have to give credence to late bloomery. More than a few have wondered aloud and in writing:
    “where has all this outpouring come from?” Even my oldest friend and SB Digest creator, Stephen, commented on one of my recent compositions:”well, I didn’t see that coming!!”
    My answer to this is simple: “don’t have a fucking clue!!”
    All I know is sometimes I feel like I’m clicking on pieces of my life and pasting them into lyrical mosaics.
    As Stephen and I embark on writing a rock opera together, daunting in and of itself, I do marvel at the human spirit’s resilience and capacity for creativity at any age.
    May the Muses enchant you all in 2022 and make your lives merry and bright!!

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